Inspirational Quotes to Start Off Your Day

Most of us wake up to the sound of notifications from our phones. However, this can sometimes be overwhelming. We often go on social media first thing in the morning to see what’s happening, but sometimes this can be too repetitive and stop us from starting the day off right. Let’s change it up - hopefully, these quotes will inspire and motivate you to seize the day!

  1. “All of our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney
  2. “It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.” - William James
  3. “I have not failed. I’ve just found out 10,000 ways that won’t work.” - Thomas A. Edison
  4. “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” Mary Kay Ash
  5. “Life is about making an impact, not making an income.” - Kevin Kruse
  6. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover. - Mark Twain
  7. “Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.” - Grace Coddington
  8. “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” - Jack Canfield
  9. “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” - Winston Churchill
  10. “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” - Robert Louis Stevenson
  11. “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

You can incorporate these quotes into your life however you like; it could be your desktop background on your computer, on some wall art in your room, or even as a daily reminder on your phone! Hopefully, these quotes will give you the determination you need for the day. Now get out there and do your absolute best!