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Indigenous American-Owned Etsy Shops You’ll LOVE

It’s Native American Heritage Month, and a good way to support Indigenous Americans is by purchasing handmade items from Indigenous American-owned Etsy shops! Here are 4 amazing shops to purchase from to celebrate Native American Heritage Month and support their communities and heritage:

1. LBadoni Creations

This shop is owned by Lauren Badoni, an artist from the Navajo Reservation in Arizona! She sells unique Contemporary Native American beadwork, and no two orders are alike. Some items she sells include phone grips and beautiful beaded earrings! My favorite item is the blue beaded butterfly earrings because they are so detailed but wearable! Her Instagram is @lbadoni if you’d like to see more pictures of her products!

2. SongbirdCTCreations

Erinne Bugge owns this shop, and she sells Reiki Infused Creations! Her items are handmade and she mainly sells earrings in many different designs. My favorite item is the geometric earrings because I like how unique the pattern is. The reviews for her earrings say that “[they] are beautiful and lightweight” and the customer “will be buying again!”

3. JustDreamCatchers

Jasmine Battle owns this shop, and she is an enrolled member of The Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee. Her shop is specialized in Authentic Cherokee handmade dream catchers. She offers dream catchers in many different designs, and custom designs as well! These dream catchers make a great decoration, and they come in many shapes and sizes. Since my favorite color is purple, the item that caught my eye was the lavender Cherokee dream catcher! The owner says to “Celebrate Native American Heritage by purchasing an Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher and our other products.”

4. DelenaArt

This shop is owned by Seattle-based artist Elena Jackson. She sells a variety of native printed things. Her specialty is masks as those are the most popular items in her shop, but she also sells ornaments, hair combs, earrings, miniature drums and more! Her ornaments are animal-themed and depict ravens, eagles, et cetera. I like how she makes miniature drums that come with drumsticks and I think this item is truly one of a kind! Here is an example to look at, they come in many designs!

Check out one of these shops? Let us know! Share your favorite with us by tagging us @HerCampusSJSU!

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