Incorporating Pop Culture in Your Style

Taking an escape from reality is nice for mental health! Escape into this show for a couple of hours and deal with whatever is going on after.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been consuming a whole lot of media since the pandemic hit. I probably watch five movies a week while balancing tv shows, homework and classes.

The escape is fun, but I always want to merge reality with the alternative universe on my screen. 

Getting merch is a part of it, but let’s be real, the merch is usually not the cutest, or it’s too in your face fandom. I want people to know I watch “WandaVision”, but I don’t want a cheesy photo of Wanda and Vision to scream at whoever passes by.

Shop small!

Etsy is my favorite place to find pop culture items to wear in everyday style. Finding something that is cute with a hint of whatever show you’re watching is the hard part! I got everything from cute book earrings to shorts for my top 10 on Netflix.

Plus, the packaging is usually adorable! They’re people with a small business who appreciate every sale. Big corporations slap the main characters on a shirt, add a word or phrase and call it a day because graphic design is their passion.

Some TikTokers post how they make it and then when they’ll be released! Any way to get a product out there from a local business is worth the wait. And if you can’t afford to drop some money on a product you can still support a great artist by dropping alike.

Try and search your media! It may take some digging to find what subtle message you want on a shirt but it will be worth it!

Here are some of my favorite Etsy shops:

LostWeekendClub has embroidery that is subtle for every film lover. LekiThreads has all your Disney needs.

Hunt for similarities!

Finding things that go with the era of the show like you could be thrown into it and suddenly be an extra.

When you don’t want the merch choice, try a subtle cosplay. This doesn’t mean dressing up in a costume exactly like the character. 

Like billions of others that I have watched “the Queen’s Gambit” and suddenly wanted my choice in style to be like Beth Harmon. I looked for clothes similar to hers! I found a cute white top at Forever 21 that matched one of hers from an episode.

Then I finished “Mrs. America” on Hulu and suddenly needed things to be reflecting the ‘70s (which matches my wardrobe when I was in my “That ‘70s Show” era).

Whether you thrift things to match a show or randomly come across something that could be in your favorite it’s always fun to look at your closet and remember what era or show you were digging recently.

Why not take your pleasure from on-screen to your wardrobe off-screen!