How to Get an Internship

As fall rolls around, it is time to start looking for internships. An internship is an important experience that can go on your resume and help secure a full-time offer. While this may be an intimidating and challenging process for many, here are some useful tips and tricks on how to secure an internship for next summer (or even right now)!

1. Make a list of internship opportunities to apply to!

person typing on laptop Photo by Crew from Unsplash The first step is to find internships that you want to apply to! After researching for opportunities that spark your interest, use Google Sheets to keep track of your list of internships. By creating this sheet, you can track the progress you have made with your internship search, check which ones you have applied to, and make any notes as needed.

2. Tailor your resume to the position!

Now it is time to apply for the internship! This is where your Google Sheet comes in handy again. Go through your list of internships and tailor your resume to best suit each job description. Recruiters will use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to see if your resume has the skills that are required to fill the role. Make sure to use numbers and percentages to measure the impact of your work! For example, saying that you “marketed 20+ campaigns online to increase sales by 30%” is better than just saying that you “led marketing campaigns.”

3. Practice your interview with friends!

women sitting next to each other with laptops Photo by WOCinTech distributed under a CC BY 2.0 license Congrats, you got an interview! Now it’s time to practice for the interview. I suggest rehearsing with friends, even though it might be a little awkward at first! Schedule a call on Zoom or Google Meets to make sure you know what to expect and smooth out any audio or video mishaps. Searching up common interviewing questions and answering them is also a great way to get a feel for the various topics that will be discussed. Also, make sure to research the company that you are interviewing for! It is super important to ask questions at the end of the interview to show that you are genuinely interested in the company.

4. Network, Network, Network!

5 people having a business meeting Photo by Jopwell

Last but not least, make sure you are networking! Create a LinkedIn and connect with people you know. LinkedIn is also a great job listing platform, so check it out. Job fairs and club events are also great places to network. Many recruiters often attend these events, so it is a good idea to dress professionally and be prepared to further converse with them after the event.

The process of looking for and applying for internship opportunities can seem daunting. But, with these tips in mind, you’ll secure one in no time! Good luck!