Holiday Decor 101: Where to Buy on A Budget

Now that it is officially an amazing time of year, people have begun to listen to their favorite Christmas tunes and have also began decorating their own homes.

After throwing out their Halloween decor, you begin to also notice how Christmas decor pops up outside of people’s homes, through their offices, living rooms and sometimes even their cars. Looking for Christmas decor can be costly, but not so much for students who may be looking to jazz up their dorm rooms prior to heading home for winter break.

Here is a list of inexpensive stores to get Christmas decor:


One place where you just can’t say no to cute clothing items, and also where you somehow end up spending more than you should. Target is known to have a small seasonal section that is usually located near the front of the store where items can range from $0.99 to $10.00.

This section can be difficult to come out of, but it usually is seasonal and finding small items such as candles, small Christmas trees and small notepads to write your gift lists out on.

TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Homegoods

These three stores are known for small surprises that can be found all year round. If you are looking for decor for the holiday season, be sure to check out the home section where many items are found in order to spruce up your temporary or permanent  living space. Each of these stores are apart of the same company (TJX) which is why they are all grouped together, but you can find more than just home decor within this store.

Whether you have a short or extended Christmas list, you can find all types of gifts for friends, family or your significant other in this store!

Your Local Dollar Store

Last but not least, if your budget is really tight the best option may be your local dollar store.

These stores also have a variety of items that even helps with searching for decorative items that can go in your living room and at your dining table. If you are looking to get fancy, the dollar store could be your destination for festive items.

Being able to search and find nice things on a budget is the best thing about the holidays. If you are looking to keep things at a certain cost the best option would be to check out at least one of these stores to make your holiday decor visions come true!


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