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Gen Z Fashion Trends & Why They Need to be Discussed

If you’ve been on TikTok or even Instagram Reels through the months of February to early March, then you most likely witnessed the generational debate over jeans, side parts, and more. While some millennials called out Gen Z for coming for their generation’s trends, others coped by ditching their skinny jeans and side part, in hopes of still being considered “trendy” and cool.

As a result, there has been an increase in articles for millennials dedicated to pleasing Gen Z with titles ranging from, Skinny Jeans Are Out: Wear These 6 Trending Styles Instead by Forbes to InStyle’s, Are Skinny Jeans Still in Style? What to Wear Instead of Skinny Jeans in 2021. However, there is little to no discussion over how harmful and toxic this mindset can be. Out of all the articles I’ve read for further research, the most alarming quote was “Now that you have a better understanding of Generation Z, it is time to adjust to their standards.”

Here’s the thing, I’m someone who is part of Gen Z and while I have not worn skinny jeans all that much in the past year, we shouldn’t have to “adjust” to meet someone’s standards. What is most important is that we should wear what we feel comfortable in, which in turn, can boost our confidence! For some people, what feels comfortable, fashionable, and flattering to some of their assets, could be their side part or skinny jeans.

Ultimately, people should be allowed to wear whatever they want and style their hair however they would like, whether that be in a side or middle part, or even wearing skinny or bootcut jeans.

This brings me to point out that not every pair of jeans, hairstyle, or trend is for everybody. For example, the pixie cut hairstyle may look good on women like Halle Berry or Scarlett Johansson. However, if I tried it, I wouldn’t be able to even go out of the house without a hat. The same goes for jeans or any other piece of clothing because variation is key.

At the end of it all, no one should be able to tell anyone else, but themselves, what they should and should not wear. After all, fashion trends are seasonal, which means that they come and go. So, we might as well be comfortable in what we wear and focus on ourselves instead of worrying about what’s in style.

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A junior at San Jose State University, majoring in Communication Studies, but my true passion lies in writing. An introvert who usually has her head in the clouds and is always thinking about food or her next book idea. My hobbies include trying to catch up on my Youtube subscriptions, baking, and hanging out with my family.
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