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As a San Jose local and someone in a relationship, I have definitely struggled when it comes to thinking of unique date ideas. Although Netflix nights can be fun, it can definitely be repetitive. Sometimes it feels like there is not much to do in San Jose, but there are actually so many hidden gems that would make for a fun date; there is no shortage of exciting activities to do with your partner. This city has so much to offer! I’m always trying to find new dates to go on with my boyfriend, so I’ve listed some of my favorite dates to do in San Jose that you and your partner can enjoy. Whether you’re also a San Jose local or someone who is only here for the school year, I hope that these date ideas provide you and your significant other with wonderful memories and joy! 

  1. Japantown, San Jose!

Japantown is a local gem right in Downtown San Jose! Conveniently located five minutes from San Jose State University, this area consists of many traditional Japanese restaurants and gift shops. Some of the amazing restaurants you can dine at include Kumako Ramen, Jtown Pizza Company, and Kazoo Japanese Sushi Boat Restaurant. The gift shops offer many Japanese trinkets, stickers, art supplies, and more. Japantown also has the Nijinya Market, which is a Japanese grocery store with delicious Japanese candies, snacks, and other groceries. There are also several cute spots for photos, whether it’s a beautiful mural or simple background! Going on a date in Japantown will certainly provide amazing memories, good food, and possibly some souvenirs! 

  1. A Relaxing Picnic!

A relaxing picnic with good food, music, and your partner makes for a wonderful date! There are so many beautiful picnic spots in San Jose such as the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Municipal Rose Garden, Vasona Park, and Almaden Lake Park. All of these locations are gorgeous, and conveniently located near several restaurants if you would like to pick up food rather than bring it from home. It’s always nice to get some fresh air on a sunny day, especially when you’re with your favorite person. Grab your favorite picnic blanket, some delicious food, and your SO for a fun picnic in a beautiful location! 

  1. Willow Glen, San Jose!

Seven minutes from San Jose, there’s a strip consisting of restaurants and unique shops in Downtown Willow Glen. There are a variety of fun things do to here on a date! Walking down Lincoln Avenue you’ll be bound to see a variety of amazing restaurants such as Crepevine, The Table, Yuki Sushi, and more. For dessert, you have several options ranging from Susie Cakes, Willow Glen Sweet Shoppe, to ice cream from Icicles (rolled ice cream!) or Willow Glen Creamery. There’s also a crystal shop that I love called Universal Connections that has numerous crystals and tarot cards. Another fun and unique place is called Glow, where you can customize and build your own candles! There are many options for shapes, colors, scents, which all vary the overall price. Petroglyphs is also in Willow Glen, which provides different dishware for you and your date to paint! Bringing your partner here will give you endless options for dining, shopping, or activities to do together! 

  1. West Wind Drive Ins!

If you ever want to go on a more chill and relaxed date, the drive-ins are a great option! The West Wind Capitol Drive-In is located 12 minutes from SJSU, and they always show a wide variety of movies ranging from action to children’s cartoons. The drive-ins charge $8.75 per person for general admission on most days, but on Tuesday’s tickets are only $5.75 a person; tickets can be purchased online or at the theater the night of. They also provide a snack bar that sells popcorn, candies, Icees, and more delicious movie foods! Grab some warm blankets, snacks, and your date for a fun movie night you can enjoy from the comfort of your own car. 

All of these date ideas are local and guaranteed to be a good time. I hope that these ideas have you excited for your next date opportunity. I had so much fun going on these dates with my soul mate, and I know you will too. Surprise your partner with one of these dates and they will cherish those memories forever!

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Hello everyone! My name is Bella Phan and I am a third year studying public health at San Jose State University! I have always loved to write and I am so excited to be continuing that passion with Her Campus at SJSU.
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