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Five Clean Brands with Affordable Hair Care Products

1. Love Beauty and Planet 

Where to get: Target; $10

This brand’s mission is to provide clean and plant-based hair care, home, and body products that are easily attained at retail stores. One of my favorites is the Murumuru Butter and Rose scented sulfate-free shampoo since it is safe for color treated hair, leaves hair soft, and smells amazing!

2. Anomaly

Where to get: Target; $6

In addition to making a simple packaged product, Priyanka Chopra also created a brand that also has recyclable packaging. As for the ingredients used, all ingredients used are vegan, cruelty, and plant-based. A product from the line is the Clarifying Shampoo because it cleanses buildup and oils in hair and does not leave hair feeling dry as compared to other products on the market.

3. Aveeno 

Where to get: Amazon; $11.46

Aveeno is a brand that is known to have clean products that work for those who usually have sensitive skin. One product that caught my eye was the Pure Renewal Shampoo which received 4.6 star ratings from customers who reviewed it on Amazon. Some of the few aspects of this product that stands out to most is the fact that it is a light sulfate-free shampoo that contains minerals and proteins to help protect the hair from chemicals that could damage it. 

4. Shea Moisture 

Where to get: Target; $9.99

The brand is one of my personal favorites, with products that are vegan, cruelty free, and sulfate free, making it safe for color treated hair. This product in specific, the Curl and Shine Shampoo hydrates the hair with its ingredients of coconut oil that helps the hair curl and keeps it shining. 

5. Dove 

Where to get: Target; $4.89

Dove is a well known brand that is affordable at retail stores. One product that is definitely worth trying is the Refresh+Care Dry Shampoos. Not only does it come in different scents, but it is really helpful in soaking up grease while at the same time keeping hair moisturized in between washes. 

If you decide to try out any products from one of these brands, tag us on Instagram, @HerCampusSJSU and let us know what you think!

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