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“You can never have enough makeup, just like you can never have enough music.” – Ariana Grande

From a perfume goddess to a cosmetics queen, this woman can do it all. 

Honestly speaking, the drop of her makeup brand was expected from fans, seeing as Grande’s makeup looks are beautiful, ethereal and adored by many. After all, her entire aesthetic has been highly influential. She’s not the first pop princess to expand her brand to mix music and makeup.Rihanna did this with her makeup line Fenty Beauty and Selena Gomez did it with her line Rare Beauty. 

Grande first dropped the news about R.E.M Beauty on September 9th, and the excitement around the launch is REAL! We’re closer than ever to being able to replicate her signature glamorous look through products personally made and carefully curated by the boss herself.

The name of the brand, R.E.M, comes from the fourth track of her fourth studio album, Sweetener, and we can safely assume that the products will be as dreamy as the song. According to the singer, this project has been in the works for around two years. They are taking their time to formulate vegan, cruelty-free products of her dreams. She partnered with Forma Brands, who are behind the successful beauty brand Morphe. 

Though there is currently no exact date on when the products will be released, we do know that they will be released in batches. Chapter One will most likely consist of matte and glitter liquid eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara, and false eyelashes.

 Chapter Two will probably shy away from eyes and be focused on lip products, such as matte and cream lipsticks, lip glosses, lip butters, and lip plumpers known as Lip Venom. Fans should also expect brow gels and pencils, blush, highlighter, concealer, makeup sponges and hair extensions, though we’re unsure about the sequence in which they’ll be dropped.

In a cover interview with Allure magazine, Grande explains the first series of the products.

“Eyes are our main gateways to our dreams, our emotions, our everything. They’re our main storytellers and sources of communication,” said Grande. “I feel like you can emote more with your eyes than you can articulate sometimes.”  

The products will be dropped on the R.E.M Beauty website, but we hope we can eventually find them in person at Sephora stores. 

“My gloss is poppin’” Miss Grande says in her song, 7 rings. Well, so will ours, super soon! 

Make sure to check out the R.E.M Beauty website and Instagram to stay tuned on what’s to come! 

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