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Everything to Know About Clean Beauty Products

With the growing popularity of skincare, many people are beginning to discover clean beauty. Clean beauty products are marketed as being safer and gentler for the skin, with cleaner and well-sourced ingredients. Many makeup brands have created a separate line for clean beauty, in order to expand their range of products and market to different kinds of beauty consumers. Here are some important aspects of clean beauty to take note of.

The ingredients of each product are safe and non-toxic in order to maintain healthy skin. This is extremely beneficial to those with sensitive skin, since it reduces the chance of a harsh reaction to the product. Clean beauty products also tend to be unscented, as adding unnatural scents can be harmful to the skin. Creating this type of line takes a lot of time and testing, in order to ensure that the makeup meets the clean beauty standards in terms of ingredients and functionality.

I would highly recommend checking out the clean beauty brands at Sephora. They have recently dedicated a separate section on their website to different clean beauty brands and all of their unique products. When clicking on a particular product in this section, you will notice highlighted products and how they individually benefit the skin. They also provide a detailed description of the overall brand and what they stand for. This tool is useful for those looking to purchase specifically clean beauty products, as well as those who wish to compare various products within the clean beauty category.

You can also find clean beauty products from independent brands! I recommend following these brands on Instagram:

1. @cleanbeautymarket

2. @renskincare

3. @bybibeauty

Clean skincare is also being developed! These products include different facial scrubs, toners and moisturizers that have been designed with non-toxic ingredients. Combining these with clean makeup products allows your skin to breathe and feel healthier. While the coverage may feel different with these products in comparison to traditional makeup, the benefits will continuously outweigh any negative aspects there may be.

Switching over to clean makeup will be one of the best decisions you can make for your skin, and you will notice a difference in the quality. Your skin will thank you!

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