Dogspotting: The Internet Sport for Dog Lovers

If you're anything like me, you smile at all the dogs you encounter on the street and have to fight back the urge to pet all of them. Sometimes, a high pitched squeal escapes for good boys with floppy ears or pretty girls with sparkly collars. Dogs are pure and sent from heaven. They roll around in mud, can't judge distance, and want all of our food

According to the Dogspotting Facebook group with over one million members, dogspotting is self-described as, "a sport and lifestyle of spotting random dogs". See a dog doing something cool? Snap a pic and upload the pup because you have to show as many people as you can. We all need to the see this dog! There are even rules explaining a scoring system that posters can use to determine how good their spot is. 

Not only is there a Facebook group with a ton of other subgroups and offshoots(hello Bunspotting!), but there's an app too! Sometimes when weird drama goes down, Dogspotting Court comes in to settle disputes. 

I mean, you really should be doing your homework right now, but I guess you could sit by Tower Lawn and take photos of all the cute dogs that play there too. You don't have to wait for finals week to come to pet some dogs on campus.