Did you know crystals have metaphysical properties?

Sure, it sounds pretty weird, but hear me out. Crystals can have energies that influence your mood and your own personal energy. It's crazy, I know.

Recently, I've been looking into this a lot more, and I wanted to share some of my favorites. 

First of all, cleansing and charging crystals is a thing. I didn't even know that, and it's the coolest. You can cleanse them in water, as long as their mohs are above a 5. Below a 5 can mean they have some sodium, like fluorite, so they can erode in the water. You can also use moonlight, sunlight, cleansing spray, smudging, or incense. Charging them is similar, but you can also put them in a bed of salt.

After that, you can use them to make jewelry, put them in your pockets, or put them around your room or house.

Here are some of my favorite crystals and their properties:


It has a sedative energy and facilitates spirituality and contentment. Its uses are for stability, strength and peace. It can enhance psychic ability and is great for meditation.


It is a stone of positive energy and can rid of any negative energy. Its uses are for warmth, joy and optimism. This stone doesn't need to be cleansed.

Lapis Lazuli

Its uses are for knowledge, wisdom, perfection, protection and creative expression.


This wards off any negativity. Its uses are for grounding, healing and protection. It can help one see their own flaws clears and show them changes that are necessary.

Quartz Crystal

There are a lot of types of this crystal; however, clear quartz crystal is a universal crystal and can also be used for clarity of the consciousness.

Remember to do your own research when you buy crystals so you know how to handle and care for them properly and can get the best uses out of them!