Campus Cutie-Tina Paredes

Spartans meet Tina Paredes, a 20 year-old public relations major minoring in photography.

Where are you originally from? -Daly City, CA

What makes you proud to be a Spartan?

-What makes me proud to be a Spartan is SJSU is a really good school with a good reputation for preparing their students for the real world. There's a lot of resources at this school and it's in the heart of Silicon Valley. The resources and connections are already here and not too far away.

It's like the typical college experience, which is what I always wanted. If I had gone to San Francisco State it would not have been the same. It's a fun college environment.

What's something that you like to do for fun?

-I like to take photos and travel. I like to go on road trips.

What musical artist are you currently obsessed with?

-I've been obsessing over Daniel Caesar lately. I really like his voice. His songs can make me cry.

What's one SJSU life hack that you have for incoming freshman?

-Join clubs your first year! I didn't join clubs until I was a third year and I regret that because I didn't have a stable friend group until then. I think joining clubs helps you get connections quickly and it helps you establish your network of friends early.

 If you found out that your classes were all canceled, what would you do in San Jose?

-Go eat at Fuji Sushi.

What are the five things you always have on you before you leave your house?

-My phone which is also my wallet, so I guess that counts as one thing. My keys, my laptop, my laptop and iphone charger, and my camera.

So you're a photographer. What's your photographic style?

-My favorite things used to be portraits, but lately I've been doing more architectural buildings. My favorite thing to photograph lately is bridges.

Check out Tina’s photography on Instagram @tizianaparedes, and her personal @megustapastel

Photos taken by Sarah Helwig