Campus Cutie: Meet Michaela

Meet SJSU psychology senior and this week's campus cutie Michaela Andrews!

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Fav quiet place: Museums of all sorts.

Hobbies/interests: Drawing, writing, listening to music, attending concerts, and going for walks.

Fav Hairstyle: My signature puff of course!

Fav piece of clothing: OutKast t-shirt

Fav 90’s show: "Sister, Sister​"

What do you like about SJSU?: I love the connections I have been fortunate enough to make with students and faculty members.

Major: Psychology major/ African American Studies minor

Occupation: I am an Office Assistant in Washburn​ Hall. 

Career goals: "Uhhhhhh"

Dream travel destination: Greece

Favorite food: Pasta, preferably Alfredo or pesto!

Currently listening to: SZA and Jhene Aiko​

Fav color: I love all colors but favor purple and red.

Fav show on Netflix: Currently: "Stranger Things"

Binge Watch Fav: "Shameless"