Campus Cutie: Magdalena Rutherford

Hometown: I was born and raised in Berkeley, CA but part of my family is originally from Argentina

Fav Netflix Show: This is a hard one. I have a special place in my heart for "One Tree Hill" and "Gossip Girl," but I recently started watching "Shameless" and really like that one too.

Binge-watch guilty pleasure: I have this weird obsession with watching Chefs Table, a Netflix original documentary on chefs from around the world.

Fav quiet place: I can always enjoy some nice quiet relaxing time in my bed.

Fav place in general: One of my favorite places to be is underneath the weeping willow on a nice summer day at my house in Argentina.

Freetime: I love all things that have to do with food. Whether it be watching random cooking shows, recipe videos or going to cool food places and trying new things. I also really love weddings, so when I have free time I like to watch wedding videos or go on pinterest and look at wedding things.

Fav artist: I don’t think I have one specific favorite artist because it is too hard to choose, but I really like Chance The Rapper and Rihanna.

Fav color: Although the colors I am into tend to vary I have always been into the various shades of purple.

Fav piece of clothing: A nice comfy pair of Brandy Melville shorts, with ruffles on the bottom.

What she likes about SJSU : I love the beautiful campus and all the diverse group of friends that I have made through my four years here.

Major: I actually just recently changed my major to Hospitality Management and I love it!

Fav 90’s show: Definitely Friends!

Career goals: I have this dream of being a wedding planner, but I want to work in different parts of the hospitality industry before I get there.

Travel goals: For a while now I have been dying to go to Thailand. It looks like such a beautiful and cultural place with so many places to visit and explore.

Favorite drink: I love boba tea.