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California has the Lowest COVID Transmission Rates in the Country

Since 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has plagued the nation. California has been one of the many states that seem to have taken the situation seriously with lockdown, restrictions, and mandates that required residents to lower the spread of the virus. 

Even now, with the promotion of getting the vaccine and booster shots to fight the spread of variants, California seems to be on the right track for getting things “back to normal” despite things constantly changing. Compared to other states, California has the lowest transmission rate of COVID and hospitalizations due to COVID after a summer surge. 

When it is said that California has low transmission rates, it means that there are less than 100 per 100,000 people who are infected every week. Currently, according to ABC News, California has 94 cases per 100,000 while Texas has 386 and Florida has 296. 

A big part of this is due to vaccination rates since they were made available to the public as soon as it was safe. There were incentives done to get a vaccine and was widely promoted to get it out to as many people as possible. In California, vaccination rates are one of the highest in the nation and at least 70% of people have been fully vaccinated while 8% have their first dose completed, according to ABC News

With that said, the state having the lowest transmission rates does not mean that COVID has completely disappeared and everything can suddenly go back to the way it was before the pandemic. As residents of California, it is still very important that we adhere to state-wide restrictions and keep wearing our masks to keep us, as well as everyone around us, in our daily lives as safe as possible. While we are all eagerly awaiting for life to go back to the way it was, there are many activities that can be done and partaken in without risking your health or safety. 

So if you have any ideas for COVID-safe activities that can be done while maintaining state rules, tag us at @HerCampusSJSU!

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