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“Mi llamo Roberto y acabamos de dejar de ser una banda”

BROCKHAMPTON, “The Best Boy Band since One Direction” as member Kevin Abstract says, announced earlier this year that the band will be taking an indefinite hiatus. After their 7th album, ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE, they will be having their last performances together at Coachella. 

The rise and fall of BROCKHAMPTON happened in front of everyone’s eyes, back in 2017 it was cool to listen to them, but in 2022 it’s the opposite.  

The group started in 2010 on a Kanye West forum, after their first album ALL-AMERICAN TRASH. The band moved to South Central, California in hopes of making it big. The move to California was the start of the SATURATION era, which is when they started to peak people’s interest.  

Early on in their careers, they filmed their music on the street they lived on, the home-video style music video stood out for many people. 

The SATURATION series marked the beginning of their careers, which consisted of three albums in the span of six months. These three albums are what helped jump-start their career from popular songs like; BLEACH, FACE, and SUMMER, this is what felt like the start of a well-loved boy band. 

Mixed reactions to the band started to arise after allegations of sexual misconduct came out about member Ameer Vann, who was on the cover of each Saturation album. The band decided to kick Ameer Vann out but still continue to make music. 

They then made their fifth album iridescence, which is a reflection on their band post allegations. The band took a couple of months to reflect on the path they were heading on and dropped GINGER, the album that made them peak again.

After their song SUGAR became popular on TikTok, that’s when the divide of opinions shifted. The allegations played a big part in how people view their new and old music. 

Coachella is the band’s final performance, Weekend 1 they announced their final album was coming this year. 

The disbanding of BROCKHAMPTON came as a relief to some but a bitter goodbye to others as an era of music in their lives is over. 

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Lesley Rodriguez is currently a third year journalism major attending San Jose State University.
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