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Beginner’s Guide to the Coronavirus: What to Know and How to be Safe

The corona virus has caused a panic. With more cases appearing everyday and worldwide quarantine, it’s easy to be afraid, but is the corona virus really that scary? Pandemics have happened before- some more fatal than others- what makes the corona virus so different? 

To start, the corona virus spreads fast. With 181,331 cases and a death toll in the 7,000’s as of March 16th (check here for recent updates), the virus has done so much damage that quarantines have been put in place to minimize its spread. Sports events, concerts, and even dining in restaurants have been canceled or rescheduled to help the minimize the spread of the virus. Everyday tasks have become missions, and food and toiletries are scarce. It feels like the end of the world, but I think it would be best to take a step back. Is the corona virus really that dangerous?

The corona virus (COVID-19) is a virus similar to the flu, and in many ways, it’s just another version of the common flu. The real danger is aimed towards people who have weak immune systems, lung problems, a history of chronic health conditions, and the elderly. Although there is a higher chance for younger people and those who have strong immune systems, it still comes with some setbacks. 

Those who recover can be left with shortness of breath, and in some cases can lose around 30% of lung capacity. These statistics are scary. It’s scary to not know how long this pandemic will last or whom it will affect next. However, as of right now, the most important thing is to keep yourself and those around you as safe and healthy as possible.

Here are some tips for being safe during the corona panic:

     •    Wash your hands for 20 seconds. To make it easy, wash your hands and sing the ABC’s.

     •    Stay a safe distance from people in public settings (recommended is six feet).

     •    Limit physical interaction with people.

     •    Take showers often.

     •    Don’t overstock on food and toiletries. *Remember, other people around you exist and need these necessities too. 

     •    And most importantly, if you are sick, stay away from others as much as possible and get treatment right away. Don’t endanger those around you for one night out, it’s not worth it. 

Stay safe everyone.

Hey, my name is Joanna but I go by Joe. I’m a Journalism major at SJSU. I love music, plants, photography, and writing.
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