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A Beginner’s Guide to Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling, also known as bujo, is an organization method that can help you be more productive, creative, and reach your goals. You are the designer of your bujo and you can create your own layouts on your journal. Through bujo, I better my creativity, organization, and goal-setting skills. Here are some of my tips on how to get started!

1) Materials

The most exciting part of creating a bullet journal is getting the materials! You can get an idea of the different types of bujo supplies from bullet journaling-related videos created by Amanda Rach Lee on YouTube. However, you do not need expensive pens to start your bullet journal!

Here are some of my favorite affordable bullet journaling supplies:

     - Zebra Mildliner Highlighters

     - Muji black and colored pens (0.5)

     - Crayola Supertips

     - colored pencils

     - a ruler

     - white out

     - Pinterest

     - a dotted journal

2) Layouts

Now that you have your materials, think of different layouts that you want to incorporate in your journal. Plan out the order of the layouts you would want on a scratch paper before writing directly in the journal. You don’t want to mess up on the journal itself. Over time, if you consistently use your bujo, you’ll find that some layouts may not work out or aren’t used as much as others. It’s okay to not use those layouts!

Here are some examples of layouts that I personally use as a college student:

     - A yearly layout- shows 12 months at a glance

     - a birthday wheel - used to keep track of important birthdays

     - monthly calendars - keeps track of important events that happen every month.

     - weekly spreads - a space to plan out your week and organize your day

     - monthly playlist - keeps track of your favorite tunes of the month

     - monthly movie favorites - keeps track of your favorite movies of the month

     - assignments page - lists and organizes assignments for various classes

3) Design

Layouts help with the structure of your bujo. The fun part is deciding the designs of your layouts. Bujo is such a flexible concept because you can create your own designs and change whatever you want. I personally tend to go more towards monthly themes.

Some themes that I have used in the past include:

     - BT21

     - stationery

     - We Bare Bears

     - bubble tea

     - summer

     - coffee

     - Mickey Mouse

     - travel

With these simple steps, bullet journaling is super easy! Don’t worry about making mistakes in your journal from time to time; more importantly, don’t let those mistakes stop you from expressing your creativity. You got this! What are you waiting for? Start bullet journaling now!

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