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Throughout the year’s women have been overlooked in the music industry, but now things are quickly changing. Oftentimes the new next rising star is a woman, Olivia Rodrigo is the new artist of the year, and she’s already taking over the charts. 

Male artists are always given recognition for their work while female artists are overshadowed.

In a study conducted by USC Annenberg “Inclusion in the Recording Studio?” In 2018, 82.9% of artists at the end of the year charts were male and only 17.1% were female. Meaning 4.8 male artists for every one female artist, showcasing the gender disparities in the music industry. 

Listening to female artists in a male-dominated workforce is important, especially in the indie scene where male bands dominate most of the streams. 

Give these female artists and frontwomen bands a listen if you like male artists like; The Strokes, Steve Lacy, and Joy Again. 

Soccer Mommy: 

She released her debut album Clean in 2018 receiving much praise. My top 3 song recommendations are Last Girl, Try, and Blood Honey. 

Faye Webster: 

She creates music for sad girls and them only. My top 3 song recommendations are What Used to Be Mine, Room Temperature, and A Dream With a Baseball Player. 

Kero Kero Bonito: 

This frontwomen band mixes two unlikely sounds and makes it work. My top 3 song recommendations are Only Acting, You Know How It Is, and Swimming. 

Phoebe Bridgers: 

She curates beautiful sad music and has received praise for her Strangers in The Alps album. My top 3 song recommendations are ICU, Funeral and I Know The End. 

Caroline Polacheck: 

Her experimental music gives her a style of her own. My top 3 song recommendations are Hit Me Where It Hurts, I Give Up, and Caroline Shut Up.  


This female band takes inspiration from the generations of the ’70s to the ’90s while still giving their music a fresh take. My top 3 song recommendations are The Steps, I’ve Been Down and  Gasoline ft Taylor Swift. 

Fiona Apple: 

She’s a classic artist in the music scene and released Fetch The Bolt Cutters receiving a 10 on a pitchfork review. My top 3 song recommendations are Shameika, Criminal, and Under The Table. 


She vows to save the genre that has been dominated by white males, and she doesn’t shy about her identity through her songs. My top 3 song recommendations are A Loving Feeling, Francis Forever, and Remember My Name. Honorable mention is Your Best American Girl. 

The Marias: 

This frontwomen band has psychedelic notes in their music, anyone can find at least one song they would like from this band. My top 3 song recommendations are Calling U Back, Déjate Llevar, and Spin Me Around.

Japanese Breakfast: 

Her latest album Jubilee brings joy and optimism while also fighting adulthood and the difficult choices it comes with. My top 3 song recommendations are Be Sweet, 12 Steps, and Kokomo, IN.

The Regrettes 

This frontwomen band is based in LA and creates music to jump around to. My top 3 song recommendations are Seashore, More than a Month, and Dead Wrong. 

If you decide to listen to any of these amazing female artists and frontwomen bands let us know on Instagram @HerCampusSJSU!

Lesley Rodriguez is currently a third year journalism major attending San Jose State University.
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