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Adorable Photoshoot Ideas For Your Holiday Instagram Feed

I love to take photos of my friends, and the holidays are one of the most fantastic times to take pictures! All the decorations are already up, and the lights make the photos pop. This holiday season may be different when it comes to photoshoots - or is it? Remember to take safety precautions as the pandemic is still happening. Hopefully, these photoshoot ideas help you create some of the prettiest photos to add to your Instagram feed.

In front of decorations

This is one of the most obvious ideas to do when it comes to doing photoshoots. However, it’s not an outdated idea, as decorations are always different each year and each place has its own type of decorations. Decorations like trees, lights, ornaments, stockings or wreaths add a nice touch to the photos.

You can create your own holiday backdrop if you intend to do a photoshoot. Choose whether you want your photoshoot to be indoors or outdoors. If indoors, choose an empty wall. From there, you can decorate that wall with hanging lights, cotton disguised as fake snow laid on the ground, some artificial poinsettia, and whatever decorations you want to put. Don’t worry about putting up too many decorations; sometimes, simplistic approaches can make the photos look good.


If you’re lucky enough to witness snow and live in an area where there is snow, taking pictures with snow is always a cute idea. Snow, in itself, is pretty to shoot too. Try having the person you’re taking a picture of throw snow up in the air to give the snowing effect. You can build a snowman and take photos of your model building it. Another idea is having your model grab a handful of snow and blow the snow out, similar to when people blow confetti during their grad photoshoots.

City Lights

Sometimes, city lights are overlooked. It’s always nice to have lights in the background for photos. During the holidays, buildings and trees are covered with decorations. Take advantage of those areas, especially during the night time. The lights are bright enough where you don’t need to adjust your settings as much. When taking pictures of your friends in front of the lights, sometimes you might notice a blurry effect in the background; the lights help make the blurry effect look pretty.

These ideas are straightforward, yet there is so much room for creativity. Hopefully, whether or not you use these ideas, your Instagram feed will pop this holiday season. Share your holiday photos with us by tagging us @HerCampusSJSU on Instagram!

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