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Have you ever had a moment when you remember a memory from your childhood? Something that made you stop to take a moment and smile with nostalgia?

Well, the Nick Jr. Twitter account made everyone take a trip back to the past. On August 23rd, the Nick Jr. Twitter account posted a video of all three generations of the show’s hosts: Steve, Joe, and Josh, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the show’s airing.

The posts in the following weeks were quite wholesome. The trio watched their first episodes, played games together, and even answered questions from fans. It was a fun trip down memory lane for all of us who grew up watching Blue’s Clues. It was nice to see all of them together and experience that feeling of nostalgia. But there was one video in particular that caught everyone’s attention.

On September 7, the Nick Jr. account posted a video of Steve, saying that he had a message for all of us. He was alone, without the other hosts with him.  He talks about all the memories he and the audience had when he was still in Blue’s Clues before he went off to college. How everyone went together to look for clues until he had to go on a bus and leave.

Steve tells the audience that he got to do a lot of things after he left, and how much the audience has done since. How we have made our own memories and accomplishments over the past 25 years. We all started out looking for clues and now we’re all grown up. We have jobs, student loans, and maybe even families. Everything we’ve done together has helped Steve before and even to this day.

After all these years, Steve never forgot about us and he’s very happy that we’re still friends. 

It made me feel like a kid again. Growing up, Blue’s Clues had always been one of my favorite shows to watch. I had always looked forward to seeing the cute blue dog and his human best friend search for clues with their friends. Looking at an older Steve, who never forgot about us even decades after he left the show, made me emotional. I was a kid back then, and now that I’m a college student and he comes back telling me that he’s proud of me, I just felt like crying.

And I know everyone else was feeling the same way. Everyone who saw the tweet felt emotional and nostalgic, reminiscing about times when things were simpler, and all they needed was a pen and a notebook to look for clues. His words were something a lot of us were waiting to hear.

It’s just nice to know that someone in our childhood remembers us and is proud of what we’ve accomplished.

We never forgot about Steve, and he never forgot about us.

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