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A Look into a Solo Valentine: How I Approach Valentines Day as a Single Girl

Upon perusing through social media on Valentine’s Day, I came across many of my peers and their partners going on cute Pinterest-esque cheeseboard and wine dates, writing each other loving messages, or snuggling in each other’s arms.

While I’m happy for everyone who has loving partners, the reality is that I remain single. 

I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day without a boyfriend. What a paradox. To be spending the day of love and relationships without any romance. I can tell you that though it may sound funny, there is something special about being able to celebrate and enjoy Valentine’s Day while being single.

For me, Valentine’s Day serves as a day to sit down and introspect. I have a bad habit of overworking and putting others before myself, so being able to dedicate one day to recognizing my own needs and figuring out how to grow is a treasure. 

The first step in my process is to set a mood for the day. I start by picking some clothes and accessories that make me feel my most confident and beautiful. 

I then complete the next few steps of my normal, mundane routine such as skincare and drinking an iced coffee with breakfast, but I put more thought into the actions I take, analyzing the small details of my day that shaped me into the girl I am.

Aside from my normal academic schedule, I set aside some extra time to treat myself to a romantic comedy, some time to read an interesting book, or to visit a local café to indulge in a luxurious iced latte while listening to fun Valentine’s Day playlists.

Going back to the idea of spending Valentine’s Day alone as a single girl. The thing is that I don’t entirely spend the day by myself. Not being involved in a romantic relationship does not mean that I do not love anybody. I still have my family, friends, and loved ones who I appreciate beyond words and cherish. 

While I make it a point to convey my love and appreciation to my friends and family often, I take more time on Valentine’s Day to reflect on their place in my life, and the contributions they made towards making my life what it is. I like to call, preferably FaceTime, everybody to spend time with them, and if not call, at least text them to let them know how wonderful they are.

To top off a fun, reflective day, I do my nighttime skincare with the same level of care and thoughtfulness as I did in the morning. But what fun would Valentine’s Day be without a rom-com? 

I usually give in to the rom-coms on Valentine’s Day tradition and usually end up watching Crazy Rich Asians because I might or might not be addicted to perpetually rewatching that film. Or, I might watch another rom-com, such as My Best Friend’s Wedding or Notting Hill, because what’s better than one rom-com? Two rom-coms.

I might not have found my epic love yet, but I find it empowering that I can fully dedicate one day every year to recognize my needs while appreciating the various aspects of my life, from minuscule routine acts to the people I care about and I love. Dating or not, remember to use your Valentine’s Day to remember the love in your life, in all of its forms.

I'm an international business major at SJSU who loves to read, write and crochet while indulging in copious amounts of iced blonde vanilla oatmilk lattes.
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