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A Goodbye Message From a Graduating Senior

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

As graduation season quickly approaches, Seniors are beginning to experience the anxieties and excitement that come with soon walking across that final stage into adulthood. Graduating can be scary and lonesome, depending on the process. I hope this article can bring a sense of comfort and relatability to people entering that phase in their college careers.

I recently interviewed my roommate, Naima Clark, on how she feels about graduating from college. She is currently a sociology major with a concentration in race and ethnic studies. The following text is a direct transcript of our conversation: 

Robinson: “Okay, so when are you graduating?”

Clark: “I graduate on May 25th at 7 pm.”

Robinson: “How do you feel about graduating? So soon?”

Clark: “I feel ready to just move on and see what’s next in life and continue on my journey.”

Robinson: “Do you have any ideas of what you’re going to do after graduation?”

Clark: “I’m thinking of moving to another state or either continuing my internship…maybe take a year off [from] school and hopefully start my master’s program.”

Robinson: “And how do you feel about those plans?”

Clark: “It’s a lot at times because I have such a short amount of time to do everything, but, [I’m] just taking it day by day.”

Robinson: “Does the school help to provide any resources for you to stay on track for graduation?” 

Clark: “I guess my mentor, her name is Emerald Green. She helps me a lot by just talking with her. [She] tells me what to do, gives me advice, and connects me to former alumni.” 

Robinson: “I know that you previously said that it can be a lot at times [when it comes to graduation], Are there any specific anxieties that you want to share about graduation and about walking across the stage?”

Clark: “It’s more so just planning what I’m going to do after graduation. For example, finding an apartment or figuring out what kind of job I’m going to do. Just those sudden changes that are happening so quickly.”

Robinson: “Do you have any tips that you could recommend to anyone who’s in your shoes right now?’

Clark: “I guess any tips I would have is just to enjoy the moment; Do things that make you happy because time is flying by. You want to just do everything you can with friends and not have any regrets. You don’t want to look back and realize that you were too caught up in finishing school that you looked past. Learn how to sacrifice what’s good for what’s great. You have to find a middle ground for what you really care for. So what’s good is like partying, going out, and just doing the meaningless stuff seen in movies that showcase the college atmosphere. That won’t get you far, so, you have to sacrifice that to be great. So like trying to finish your college degree and get a good job. Essentially try to balance the best of both worlds.” 

Robinson: “Perfect ending! I think we covered everything I wanted to ask. Thank you again.”

My conversation with Naima helped put into perspective the reality for most college students towards graduation and brought an insightful guide to living your college life to its fullest. Here are some tips from our conversation that stood out to me:

Discover yourself:

Consider graduation as the next step on your journey! College is a period of self-discovery, but; your twenties is an entire decade of learning about yourself. As you walk across that stage, think about what the future holds; learn about the things you enjoy doing. Discover what you’re good at and what you dislike!

Be open to change:

Graduating from college will seem scary at first because of the sudden changes that will occur. Embrace this change because it’s all for your advancement! Whether it’s moving out of the dorms on campus or finding a new job, it will all work out eventually, and you’ll feel comfortable once again with time. 

It’s okay to make mistakes!

You’re young! Mistakes are bound to happen every now and again. Don’t beat yourself up if situations or outcomes may not turn out how you expected. Learn from these mistakes and make the best out of any misfortunes that come your way. 

Graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it’s going to be a moment that you look back on with nostalgia! I want to thank my friend, Naima, for wanting to partake in this interview while navigating through her busy schedule. I want to congratulate Naima and all other graduating seniors on achieving this momentous occasion, and I’m so excited for what the future has in store for you all! Congratulations Class of 2022!

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Are you graduating from college this semester? Are there any anxieties that come from the idea of graduating? Let us know @HerCampusSJSU!

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