8 Reasons to Join an Organization on Campus

Now that Welcome Week has flown by and you may be realizing that you have additional time for extracurricular activities in between all of your studying.

Well you're in luck because our campus has over 300 student run organizations meaning all you have to do is to decide which happens to be the best fit for you!

This task can seem a bit daunting so to help I have put together a list of reasons why joining a club on campus can benefit you.


1. Get to know other students

Throughout your college career you meet many different people everyday. Whether it's through your mutual group project together or in line at the cafeteria, these interactions usually lead to a small conversation. But when joining a club, you get to meet with students who are also interested in the same things as you! These people have the potential to become your lifelong friends and people who you can make a genuine connection with.

2. It can create networking opportunities

An important part of college includes networking, a word that will be tirelessly used all throughout your undergraduate career. Getting to know students, whether you both have the same major or not, creates a great opportunity for you to make friends who could be beneficial for your future. Getting to know staff members in your department is also a perk of joining a club as it will allow opportunites for advice and letters for referral. to prepare for your future along with receiving any advice and gaining letters for referral. Networking can lead you to finding the job of your dreams, so don't underestimate it!

3. Helps you to become more confident and find your voice

For the shy, and the less confident, joining a club or student organization can benefit you greatly.  Being in a club provides a platform for you to speak on a wide variety of issues that may arise on campus. Using your voice gives space for others to learn about your thoughts, and can even help open your mind to new possibilities, opinions and thoughts as well.  

4. Potential leadership opportunities

Leadership is a hefty word that can sometimes seem a bit daunting. Being in an organization is a great way to start small and allow youtself to find a position that may eventually grow into larger leadership roles such as secretary or president. Learning how to maintain an organizations repuation while also overseeing other students is a great opportunity which will set you up to develop the skills of a future leader. 

5. Add skills to your resume

In college, experience is an important factor no matter the career path you choose. A resume will be reviewed by employers and can effect your future career in many ways. The experience you get from joining and being apart of clubs allows you to gain skills that you can add to your resume for future positions.

6. Leisure time, yes it’s necessary!

It is always good to get away from the books and studying  to meet up with other students who are doing the same throughout the semester. Engaging in each meeting allows you to have a getaway from school. Some clubs even host events just for students to unwind and let off steam in their college environment. These events are also great ways to visit each club and see which is the best fit for you!

 7. Expand your mind

Finding a club that suits you can be one that allows you to expand your mind. When settling into a club you learn about the ideas, opinions and life experiences of people who are similar and different to you. Depending on the goals of each organization, the things they stand for may be varying but they can also provide you with different ways to learn as well as how to cope with stress and new environments. 

 8. There are PLENTY to choose from

Last but definitely not least, there are many choices in college when looking to join a club or organization. Everyone is interested in a club or organization for different reasons such as religion, career, culture, experience, etc, the possibilities are endless and each experience gives space for college students to succeed no matter what! With the many choices given, you are able to get involved and make a name for yourself during your undergraduate career.