7 Iconic Halloween Costume Ideas For You and Your BFF(s)

We all know finding the perfect Halloween costume is a struggle struggle, and with the holiday slowly creeping up, there’s only one question running through every girl’s mind, “Who should I be”? Should I pull a Regina George and just wear some lingerie with animal ears? Or should I go classic witch and a broomstick then call it a night? Here’s some candy for thought...dress up with your girls! No need for a boo to dress up as the basic Aladdin/Jasmine or Danny/Sandy couples. This Halloween, it’s all about you and your day 1’s. So ditch your S.O. for the night(don’t worry they won’t eat all the candy corn without you) and let’s get this GALoween started!

Ladies, I present to you seven costume ideas for you and your BFF(s):

1) Serena and Blair

We all have that one friend who’s the “S” to your “B”. This dynamic duo is both fierce and confident in everything they do. Most importantly, like any pair, they know that their best friend always comes first!

2) The Plastics

*Cue Karen’s iconic I’m a mouse...duh scene* Okay, so The Plastics may have not been the sweetest girls attending North Shore, but in girl world they sure knew how to make pink an iconic Wednesday tradition. And, their rendition to Jingle Bell Rock is just as classic as the tune itself!

3) Cher, Dionne, and Tai from Clueless

Clueless is a cult comedy that you can’t get enough of. Who can remember that phones actually used to have antennas, and how can you forget Cher’s plaid yellow two-piece set?! Even today her outfit still serves looks, so it’s no doubt that anyone wouldn’t want to dress like her. She’s good on her own, but with her two BFF’s, Dionne and Tai, by her side, they’re an unstoppable trio.

4) Romy and Michele

Another nineties nostalgia movie that shows us life is always better when you have your best friend. Despite the occasional arguments you may have, at the end of the day, there’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned dance number that can’t solve it. And we also can’t forget who the real Post-It Note creators were…

5) Destiny’s Child

Name a more iconic trio...I’ll wait. Kelly, Michelle, and Beyoncé are literal perfection. They’re beautiful, have THE BEST voices, and show us that even when we go off and pursue our own careers, friendships can last a lifetime.

6) White Chicks

This movie has so many memorable scenes that it’s hard to remember what life was like before it existed. From dance-off’s in the club to struttin’ it down the runway in those white and pink swan dresses, who wouldn’t want to be the Wilson sisters?!

7) Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica from Friends

Okay so technically we’re missing Ross, Joey, and Chandler, but for the sake of this Halloween being girls only, it’s sans the men. These characters portray the many quirks friendships can have, but also the insurmountable amount of love you can share. Now let’s buy some wedding dresses, cheap wine, and drink up witches!

Happy Halloween to all the BFFs who are going to kill it in their costumes this year!

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