6 Spooky Movies to Watch on Your Next Netflix Binge

Spooky time is my favorite time of the year. The weather is cooler, Fall is in full swing, and if you ever have a sweet-tooth mini-chocolates are for sale at every store (and when you accidentally eat the bag you bought for the trick-or-treaters, you can buy yourself/them another one!). The only thing I DON’T like about Halloween? Two words: horror movies. I absolutely, undeniably, loathe horror movies. I jump at people breaking silence- just imagine my reaction when a jump scare happens.

Because of my inability to watch scary films without throwing popcorn all over the floor, I have to resort to films that aren’t necessarily part of the horror genre, but movies with an overall ~spooky~ vibe. If you’re a scaredy-cat like me, these bingeable spooky movies available on Netflix will put you in the Halloween spirit. I even added a scary meter because I know I would want one! :)

1) Coraline (Scary meter: 4/10)

Look, I’m not gonna lie. This movie can surprisingly be scary at points, but it’s an interesting and fun spooky movie! Coraline is a girl who is discontent with her family-life after moving to a new town. She stumbles upon a hidden door into a seemingly perfect alternate universe and has to choose which world she wishes to live in. She soon realizes that the alternate universe is not completely as it seems.  

2) Scooby Doo (Scary meter: 1/10)

Scooby Doo is an undeniably spooky movie. Years after the Mystery Gang splits up, they are all brought together once again to investigate a theme park named - no joke- Spooky Island. There are plenty of twists and turns in this live-action movie, and I always watch it when I’m in the mood for some spooky entertainment. There is a second Scooby Doo movie, but it's not as good as the first one. Moving on... 

3) Van Helsing (Scary meter: 5/10)

Hugh Jackman stars in this movie as the main character, Van Helsing, who sets out to sleigh (Christmas pun) Count Dracula. Van Helsing acquires the help of a woman named Anna and later learns that Dracula is even eviler than he thought, and you even get to see Frankenstein’s monster! Not 100% based on Bram Stroker’s story, but trust me, it’s pretty good.

4) ​​Beautiful Creatures (Scary meter: 2/10)

If you’re looking for a romantic spooky movie, this is for you. Based on the novel by Tami Garcia and Margaret Stahl, Beautiful Creatures focuses on Lena Duchannes, a witch who is reluctantly awaiting her 16th birthday, where she will be claimed by either the dark or by the light. After she moves to Gatlin, South Carolina, she gets more than she bargained for: a guy who is head-over-heels for her, and her long-believed dead mother trying to make her turn to the dark side.

5) Little Evil (Scary meter: 4/10)

After a turbulent(borderline traumatizing) wedding, Gary settles into his new life with his loving wife and quiet stepson, Lucas. After a series of disturbing things happen Gary begins to think that maybe Lucas, whose past is more or less vague, might be the son of the devil. Especially after he tried to bury Gary alive in the backyard. This movie is more of a dark comedy, but it is pretty spooky. However, if you don’t like gore, I would steer clear from this title- the gore is not consistent, but it is present. The kid’s adorable though, and the ending is heartwarming.

6) Cirque Du Freak: Vampire’s Assistant (Scary Meter: 2/10)

When Darren finds a flyer about a “freak show”(not cool) coming to town, he and his best friend, Steve, can’t refuse the opportunity. In a twist of events, Darren ends up having to work for an old vampire, Larten Crepsley, after he saves Steve’s life. He also doesn't realize that in doing so, he becomes a pawn in an age-old gang war between different groups of vampires. Cirque du Freak: Vampire’s Assistant is spooky in all the right ways and bound to put you in the Halloween spirit.

I love Halloween, and I hope these movies help get you as excited for it as much as I am. Happy Spooky Season!