5 Reasons to Join HC SJSU

Whether you have just began your very first or your last semester as a college student, would you consider joining a team of young women (men are ALWAYS welcomed as well!) who are hard working, goal oriented and fun? Her Campus SJSU may be the perfect fit for you.

Created in 2009 by three college students, and now the #1 resource for college women Her Campus SJSU is looking to continue growing on San Jose State’s campus as well.

Here are 5 reasons why joining our chapter will be beneficial now and in your future endeavors:


With over 69 undergraduate degrees and 81 concentrations SJSU offers a wide variety of majors to accommodate all students. Although HC SJSU’s majors from current and former team members include journalism, marketing, sociology and psychology the possibilities are endless. If you have a passion in writing or contributing through recruitment, advertising, social media or event planning you are more than welcome.


Although writing is the centerpiece of our digital team, each position will allow you to grow and become experienced and can also be included on your resume. In college one of the most important things that potential employers will look into is your former work that includes your experience as an undergraduate or graduate student. Her Campus at SJSU gives each student the opportunity to advance through the position they choose. Positions that we hold are: Editor in Chief, Social Media Manager, Marketing & Publicity Director, Events Director and Writers, we also offer internships!


Working with a team can be somewhat nerve wracking, but one of the best things about this is actually making things happen. Our members meet and discuss with our campus correspondents about content, potential events and how to push through to spread awareness about our team throughout campus. Having team members with one goal to help our chapter succeed is imperative.


Writers of all majors have the ability to join our chapter in order to express themselves. Through writing open letters, opinions and even profiles, we write with a large selection of topics that include love, beauty, health, and entertainment. The choice is yours, and we encourage all members to write at least one piece a week, but membership is not only limited to writing, there are many other positions open.


With over 300 student-ran organizations on SJSU’s campus, Her Campus at SJSU stands out through its availability to reach out to the collegiette community of over 30,000 students online. There is a platform for just about every social media platform. Her Campus at SJSU doesn’t only look to engage with student’s virtually, but on a personal level as well through our online articles. Most importantly we are looking for YOU to engage with us. We are always looking for new team members to work with us in order to spread the word about our growing chapter.

Join the team and make magic happen with HC SJSU!