5 Products to Add to Your Makeup Bag

With spring in full effect, and the sun shining, it is time to change things up. As the days get warmer I find that I prefer a lighter base of makeup rather than a heavy one. This ensures it will last throughout the day, without making me feel sweaty or oily. Here are five products that I would definitely recommend adding to your makeup bag to prepare for springtime with a healthy glowing look.

1. Tinted Moisturizer

This is a staple in my spring/summer makeup routine. The lightweight feel of a moisturizer mixed with a skin tint allows for just enough coverage without the heavy feel of foundation. I recommend this product if you are comfortable with light coverage. However, if you prefer a more medium coverage, I would opt for a BB or CC cream. Make sure the product you choose also has SPF, as most of these do, to protect your skin when you are out and about in the sun.

2. Cream Blush

Any cream makeup product is a personal favorite of mine in the summertime, blush in particular. This allows for a simple rosy flush to add some pretty color. The cream consistency allows for easier use to work into your skin, I find that I prefer cream or powder to ensure there are no blotches. This pairs especially well with any cream contour/bronzer you can add to your routine.  

3. Setting Spray

This is a must-have with the warm weather approaching us. In order to ensure our makeup lasts all day, setting it with the right spray will help. For myself, I have oily skin leading me to choose a mattifying setting spray to keep everything locked into place without feeling as though I am sweating off my makeup.

4. Lip Gloss

With the sunny weather, lip gloss is ready to make a comeback. This allows your lips to maintain moisture without having the feel of a dried-out lipstick. This also allows you to explore the numerous lip gloss colors available, I personally find my favorites in the makeup section at Target. The various brands on display each contain a lip gloss product with a beautiful array of shades.

5. Setting Powder

This is a new addition to my routine, but it is a game-changer to how your makeup looks throughout the day. Setting my makeup has left my skin looking smooth and matte all day. This is a new favorite of mine since it is really quick to incorporate and has long-lasting effects.

If you decide to add any of these beauty products to your makeup routine, tag us on Instagram @HerCampusSJSU so we can check them out!