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Sex can be incredibly hot, but whether you’ve done it once, ten times, or a hundred times, there can be moments during sex that you wish you could forget! We’ve all been there. Here is a list of 5 awkward sex moments that happen to be super common:

1. A Surprising Visit From Aunt Flo

You and your partner are both riled up and ready to go when suddenly you feel a very familiar gush come out of your you-know-where. Some people are okay with period sex, while others may not be. It’s important to communicate with your partner on whether you both would be comfortable with period sex or not. Either way, Aunt Flo has paid a very unexpected visit!

2. Muffled Dirty Talk

If you and your partner like to talk dirty while doing the deed, sometimes it can be hard to hear. Your face might be getting dug into a pillow or your panting could be louder than the volume of your partner’s voice. You’re in the middle of sex when your partner says something in a seductive tone, the problem is you couldn’t hear it. “Huh?” You say. They repeat the line again and it almost feels like you’ve lost character. Talk about cringe! That’s totally okay though, it happens to the best of us.

3. A Furry Friend In The Bedroom

Um hello, privacy, please! Those who are sexually active and own a furry four-legged pal have most likely been in a situation where their pet had brushed their tail against your (or your partner’s) nude body, or they come into your private space to sit and watch like it’s a Netflix binge night. Extra awkward bonus points if they’ve jumped on top of the bed.

4. Noises From Down There

This is probably the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me while going to town. So I’m lying there, partner thrusting and all, when suddenly a loud blurb noise comes out of my cooch. Although embarrassing, I try not to think about it. It’s completely normal, and after all, all the air from the thrusting has to come back out somewhere.

5. Something Isn’t Right With This Position…

You had a great idea to try a position that you and your partner have never done before. One of your legs go up, your partner’s arms cross down, and– “hey are we even doing this right?!” Some positions seem almost impossible to execute unless you’re one of the most flexible people in the world, but don’t fret! Laugh it off and go to a position that you’re familiar with.

Sex is fun, sex is hot! Sex is– sex is awkward and that’s completely okay. In fact, embarrassing or awkward moments during sex can make a great talking point after you and your partner have finished business. Have fun, stay safe, and laugh it off!

Yoo-hoo, It's Mary Kay here! I'm a 4th-year Advertising student at San Jose State University. Other than being a writer for Her Campus, I also currently intern at Dwight, Bentel & Hall Communications as a copywriter.
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