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4 Small Online Jewelry Businesses To Shop At

I love jewelry. I think jewelry is an important part of self expression. It’s interchangeable, and there’s no wrong way to express yourself using jewelry. There’s no better time than now to buy and try new styles. Here’s a list of 4 small online jewelry businesses to help you in your new style discovery:

1. August Rivers on Etsy

August Rivers is an Etsy shop dedicated to fun big earrings. Owner and creator, Taylor Eileen, started making polymer clay earrings while she was staying home with her newborn son. She hopes “you feel beautiful in my earrings!”

August Rivers earrings are what I describe as psychedelic! They’re big, and the colors are bright. With earrings in the shape of lava lamps, mushrooms and The Rolling Stones like mouth, these earrings are sure to make you feel like a hippie in no time!

2. So Cute Jewls

So Cute Jewls is a business dedicated to affordable jewelry. Everything on their site is only $5! They sell cute earrings, bracelets, necklaces and many other accessories that will match any outfit. They make sure to keep up with the latest trends and offer a huge range of sizes and colors. With their affordable prices, they allow you to explore jewelry that may be inside or outside your comfort zone without the fear of breaking the bank.

3. Love Crafted by Kasey on Etsy

Love Crafted by Kasey is a small Etsy shop I found earlier this month. The owner, Kasey Lomax, has a chronic illness along with mental health issues, but she doesn't let this stop her. She uses these factors to motivate herself and her work. “I started this shop to pursue my passion of creating and boosting others' confidence with my handmade accessories/items in November 2019,” said Lomax in her Etsy shop’s bio.

This shop sells handmade accessories such as key chains and earrings. Her earrings are made from resin and small knick knacks such as teddy bear toys and Sour Patch Kid earrings. I think these earrings are fun and affordable, and the bold bright colors allow for endless outfit combinations.

4. Kikay

Kikay is a shop that makes earrings. They describe them as “easy to wear, affordable, badass earrings that are just as bold as you are!” The business is run by two 19 year old college students who work out of their dorm rooms. They’re ready to make interesting earrings to help fuel their dreams. My favorite collection they’ve released is the Zodiac collection. They created simple but unique black and gold earrings that relate to every zodiac sign. There’s something for anyone of any style in this shop, and their affordable prices allow you to change up and try new things!


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