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The state of the world has got us all locked into our homes with not much to do. With a lot of free time on our hands, a lot of us have been experimenting with our outfits and general style and vibe. Here are some hairstyles to try out and experiment with.

1. Bubble Braids

Bubble braids have been really in this month and luckily they’re super simple to do. For this hairstyle, all you’ll need is a brush and mini hair elastics. Start by splitting your hair into two sections, tie one section so it doesn’t get in the way, then comb the section you want to work with first.

Next, you will grab all the hair in that section and use a mini elastic to tie it in a low ponytail. From there, you just add hair elastics an inch down from the last until you have about 4 sections. Do this to the other section of your hair you tied up earlier so each side is the same.

When your hair elastics are at your desired spots, slowly grab the hair and pull it apart and fluff it up for that round look. Now you have a cute hairdo that keeps your hair out of your face but still looks trendy.  

2. French Braid Pigtails

French braid pigtails are my go-to hairstyle for when my hair is greasy, but I’m not ready to wash it yet. It’s a nice little twist on the classic french braid.

For this hairstyle, you’ll need a brush and mini hair elastics. Just like the bubble braids, you start with splitting your hair into two sections and tie one section away for later. Comb out your hair; then at the crown of the head grab a smaller section and split it into three sections: right, center, left.

Take the left section and cross it over between the right and center sections; then move the right section over the left and center just like a regular braid. As you move down you will slowly add hair into the section before braiding it in, so all your hair is in the braid.

Do this until you get to the base of your neck, and instead of braiding it all the way down, tie it into a pigtail so your hair is loose. Repeat this step to the other section of your hair and for the finishing touches pull out some hair to frame the front of your face. Voila! You now have a cute messy hairstyle that will stay all day long.

3. Ponytail with face-framing braids

This hairstyle is my go-to for when I wake up late. You’ll need a brush, hair elastic, hairspray and mini hair elastics.

To start this hairstyle, you’re just gonna brush all of your hair out, so there are no knots in it. Next, you’ll grab all your hair and brush it flat like a regular ponytail, but right before you tie it up, pull out two sections in the front to frame your face.

Spray some hairspray, comb your hair flat, then tie it up into a ponytail. You can leave the two front sections down if you like that look, but I personally like to braid them.

For this all you have to do is grab the piece of hair and split it into three sections: right, center, left. Take the left section and cross it over between the right and center sections then move the right section over the left and center.

Do this all the way down then use a mini hair elastic to tie it off. I like to use colored hair elastics so there’s a fun pop of color. Now you have a hairstyle that’s cute and quick to do.

4. Half up pigtails

This hairstyle really gives me 90’s vibes, and it’s super cute and fun. For this look, you’ll need a brush and two hair elastics.

Usually, I begin this look with curled hair, but it can be done with whatever hair type you want. You’re gonna brush out your hair then split it into a middle part. Gather a small section on one side starting your hairline; then just grab an elastic and tie it up. Do this to the other side.

For a messier hair look, pull the hair out a bit to fluff it up. Boom! Now you have a fun 90’s hairstyle that will look great in your Instagram pictures.

These were four hairstyles to try out. Being stuck inside has given us all more time to do more indoor activities, including makeovers and whatnot, so why not try out some different hairstyles and experiment a little? I hope you enjoyed the article.

Try any of these hairstyles out? Let us know! Tag us on Twitter or Instagram @HerCampusSJSU!



Hey, my name is Joanna but I go by Joe. I’m a Journalism major at SJSU. I love music, plants, photography, and writing.
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