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4 Activities You Can Do With You Friends Virtually During Quarantine

Are you planning a virtual party or want a way to hang out with your friends during quarantine? These are a few activities that you and your friends can do virtually.

1. Play an .io game

These games are collaborative with your friends if a link is sent to everyone and two of my personal favorites are jigsawpuzzles.io and skribbl.io. Playing these games while on video call with your friends is a fun way to talk while playing a fun game together.

In jigsawpuzzles.io , you and your friends can choose a photo and virtually put puzzle pieces together to make a final image. You also get points based on how many you put together, so you can turn it into a competition. There are puzzles from 30 pieces to 1000 pieces, and you can choose how many you want. Challenge yourself and try the 1000 piece puzzle with your friends!

If you like pictionary, skribbl.io is the game for you! In this game, each person will take turns choosing from 3 words to draw out and the rest of the people guess what they are drawing. You get more points if you are the first person to guess what the drawing is. You can also make a custom game with your own words.

2. Spyfall

This is a guessing game that is best to play if you and your friends are on video call. When the round starts, each player is given a location card. The location is the same for all players (e.g., the spa) except for one player, who is randomly given the "spy" card. The spy does not know the round's location. The game begins with the person who started the game asking another player a general question about the location. An example is “What time of day would you go to this location?” The questioned player must answer and no follow up questions are allowed.

After they answer, it's then their turn to ask someone else a question. This continues until the round is over. The game ends when either the players guess who the spy is at the end or the spy reveals themselves and guesses the location that everyone else is in. The end goal is for the spy not to figure out the location and for the rest of the players to find out who the spy is. Play the game here

3. Netflix party or Scener

Netflix Party and Scener are both chrome extensions you can add to your browser to sync your Netflix with the rest of your friends. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds a group chat to your favorite Netflix shows. Scener is a “virtual movie theatre” that is similar and you can also see each other while watching Netflix and some other streaming services like HBO. These are good ways to have movie nights with your squad during quarantine while movie theatres aren’t open.

4. Trivia

Test your knowledge as a group by playing some Trivia! There are so many Trivia games online from endless categories such as Harry Potter, The Office, Disney, and more. You can also host your own personal Trivia night and make a Trivia yourself with all kinds of questions on Powerpoint or Google Slides. Fun Trivia and Playbuzz are good examples of all kinds of trivia games you can play!


My name is Sachi and I'm a Marketing Major at SJSU and I love photography, going on new adventures, and doing anything creative!
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