3 Ways to Become a Extrovert

Have you ever heard anyone ask these questions:

Why are you so shy? OR Do you ever talk?

Well, we all have different reactions to being in different environments where some people can blend in well as extroverts and some people who are introverts.

I had a large group of friends that was really close-knit, so coming to school and getting to know new people was not an option for me.

I became extremely shy and tense about not knowing anyone to the point of where seeing other groups of students made me sad.

Finally deciding to go out was the only option, and I found a home through a on-campus ministry group for black students.

After becoming comfortable I started to get out and get involved in the Black community on campus, causing me to come out of my own personal shell.

The most important part about all of this is that I became unshy. After taking public speaking classes (which was personally traumatizing for me) it took me a few years to realize that there is nothing wrong with speaking out.

Using your voice to project is not easy for shy people, yet college can still magically bring this side out of you.

Here are three ways to become an extrovert:

1. Public Speaking

Students are usually required to take public speaking classes in order to enhance their skills yet this class can be very intimidating and scary. One way to work through this is to think about the opportunity it is giving which is public speaking! Yes you’ll be given a grade after but applying these skills in class and using them following the class can benefit a shy person in many other ways.

2. Get Involved

Public speaking is important, but getting involved will help you to bust out of that protective shell that you may be in. Finding the best organization on campus that suits you will allow you to become the extrovert that you wish to be. Getting involved will also help you to be comfortable in a group that strictly involves what you be interested in whether that is music, sports or games.

3. Just be YOU!

Things can become very awkward in college where people can be in conversation and you might feel that you can’t come out of being shy. This is hard, but many events on campus allow ice breakers so people can become acquainted before the event begins. Being in your own skin and allowing yourself to be comfortable during these moments is the best way to break out because it is who you naturally are versus putting up a shy front.

 Do not be afraid to be you in front of many others, of course everyone has their shy moments but allowing yourself to be comfortable in the college environment will be very beneficial for you in the end!