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10 Halloween Costumes You Can Create the Day of Halloween

It’s Halloween day, and you were so busy with school, work and other stuff that you completely forgot what you wanted to be for Halloween. You can’t just not show up in a costume because where’s the fun in that? Below are 10 costume idea anybody can attempt if they have left their costume ideas to the very, very last second. Trust me, I do this every year. Hope this helps and Happy Halloween!


1. Scarecrow: Overalls? Check. Plaid shirt? Check. Straw hat? Maybe not, but you can still pull off the scarecrow look by putting the first two pieces together and drawing some scarecrow makeup on your face! If you are a girl and are wearing the costume, you can pull your hair into braids for an added Southern touch.

2. Mia Wallace: If you are a movie buff and think you have nothing to wear, think again! Put together a white button up shirt, black pants, some fun black flats and a black wig if you have time to grab one and you’re set to go! Oh, don’t forget to draw some fake blood underneath the nose for an added ode to Ms. Wallace.

3. Bunny/Cat/Dog: If you have tights and a black leotard, all you gotta do is go to the nearest Halloween store and buy a set of ears and you’re all set. Drawing a nose and whiskers will help people decipher what you are as well.

4. Facebook: If you are not really the biggest fan of dressing up but still want to get into the Halloween spirit, grab a blue shirt and write “BOOK” on your face. Probably the easiest costume to put together, and if you are at a party with fellow TV buffs, they will probably catch The Office reference to it.

5. Risky Business: Another super easy costume for those who do not like the idea of getting too dressed up. Throw on your biggest button up white shirt, add some socks and some killer black shades and you are good to go! Finding a slippery floor to glide across to show off your costume is also a plus.

6. Tourist: If you like going all out but have minimal time, go to a thrift store and buy the tackiest Hawaiian shirt you can find. Pair with some sweet khaki cargo pants and socks with sandals and you are a tacky tourist! To add to the illusion, pins and a fanny pack can also be used for the costume!

7. Candy Rapper: If you’re a jokester and want people to laugh at your costume, print out a photo of your favorite rapper, tape it to a shirt or sweatshirt while also taping a bunch of miniature candies to it as well. The costume is funny and easy to make just in the knick of time!

8. 80’s Person: If you wanna go bright and bold for Halloween, go to your local Halloween or craft store and buy the brightest beads you can find. Pair it up with equally bright accessories and clothes and you’ve fallen into the crazy 80’s era!

9. Schoolgirl: If you went to a private school all your life and still have not tossed out your old uniforms, it is time to put them to good use! Wear your old uniform (skirt, blouse, tie, knee high socks, black shoes), grab some old books and glasses and you are school ready!

10. Error 404: If you really just hate the idea of putting any of these costumes together, take an old white t-shirt and write “ERROR 404: NO COSTUME FOUND” on the shirt. Easy, affordable and will have people talking.

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