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What’s in my backpack? Meet the Eboard series: Kathryn Prouse

Kathryn is a third year English major here at Simmons and our Senior Editor. To read some of her articles, click here!


One Bag Is Not Enough

Kathryn begins by going through her smaller bag; a little brown purse given to her by her boyfriend for their 3 year anniversary that has a wallet attached. Pulling out the essentials like her credit cards, ID, and keys, Kathryn also pulls out some chapstick, saying “I try to branch out and use other stuff like EOS, but I always keep going back to the original chapstick brand.”



Kathryn also pulls out a small moleskine journal, saying “I was super inspired by Marisa’s article that went viral, so I started bullet journaling! I try different spreads every few weeks, just to see which one is the most helpful.”


Staying Organized

In her larger Fjällräven-Kånken bag, Kathryn has her school supplies. “I’ve had this backpack since I was a junior in highschool and I was trying to be cool. This notebook here is 5 subjects, so I have a class in each section. I didn’t realize it was so small when I got it off amazon, but I kinda like it. I’m accidentally living a minimalist lifestyle, I guess. I also have this cross between a folder and a binder; its just so easy to file things.”


Never Too Many Stickers

“I normally don’t bring my laptop with me, but I did today. I’ve got tons of stickers on it, like this HC sticker, one that says “keep it consensual” from a talk that Yana Tallon-Hicks gave, my “I voted” sticker, and “tell them you belong” from Flatline Poetry, which a friend of mine does. My last two are from Appel Farm arts camp, where I spend my summers, and Long Beach Island, where my family has a storefront.”


Minty Fresh

“In the little pocket, I have Trident Layers Swedish Fish gum, it’s really good! I also have some Stride spearmint gum. I keep these on me because I get the Fairfield bowl at Simmons’ Bistro 300 a lot, and it’s got onions in it, so I just really needed something to freshen my breath.



An English major and an avid reader, Kathryn pulls out a copy of the book she’s currently reading, Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler. “It’s so good! A while back, my Simmons water bottle broke and the book got a bit messed up, but I’m hanging in there.”

Junior at Simmons University studying Communications, Graphic Design, and Cinema Studies // HC Video Director // Fandom geek and cooking enthusiast
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