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What It’s Truly Like to be the Mom Friend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

In any friend group, there is one role that is always defined early in the stages of friendship.

The mom friend.

The mom friend is typically defined as a person in a friend group that:

  1. Always had a Band-Aid

  2. Will jump into action in any emergency

  3. Is your first phone call after a bad day

With my friends, I am the mom friend. I am proud to be the mom friend…most of the time.

I love being the person my friends come to for advice. I’m proud of my ability to take charge when things get rough.

But, at the same time, please remember: the friends you call mom friends? They are more than just people you pay attention to when you need something.

I speak on the behalf of all mom friends when I ask you to please be there for us when we need you. Please come through for us when we ask you to.

Yes, we are forgiving and will love you no matter what. Don’t take that for granted.

I think the hardest part about being the mom friend is when other people think I’m boring. They expect I don’t like to go out and have fun with new people, or I don’t like to goof around.

All I do at home is goof around with my roommates! And I like meeting new people! I want to do stupid things like stay out too late or eat pizza at 2am after a night out.

It’s okay for you to assume that I’ll have an ibuprofen tablet or an extra tampon. That’s usually true! What isn’t okay is not seeing me for who I am because you’ve already made an image of me in your head.

I’m asking you to remember that your mom friends are still your friends. They still need you in their weak moments, and they want to have fun with you.

They are more than just a role in a friend group.

A suburban girl turned city slicker who loves her friends, writing, and her Sephora Beauty Insider card.