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Using the City For Your Professional Development

I once heard the quote, “always be innovating yourself” and I have never forgotten it. I took this to heart so much because it is so important that as a professional you always need to be sharpening your skill set and adding new skills and knowledge to your repertoire. It could surprise you when you it and it could help you get an internship, job, or promotion. Did I mention that most of them are free? Check out some of these websites and different locations throughout the city!


Boston Public Library Programming

The public library, not to far from Simmons, has a lot more than books and study spaces! Check out their events page to see their upcoming programs. They have everything from industry speakers to classes teaching you about Microsoft programs. You can never know too much about technology and programs because it is used in every job and being incredibly proficient in a skill as simple as Microsoft Powerpoint can set you apart from your peers. Click here to check out their events! 



Always check this website! You can search any kind of event or topic and you are bound to find many events going. There are so many going on every day that can help teach you new skills and give you more knowledge. Most of them are free and it is always great to explore a new part of Boston while you are going to the event!

General Assembly Boston

This company holds great workshops very frequently. I recently attended one called “Authenticity in Marketing” which was all about social media marketing both for your personal use and in a business. I think the panel could have been very informational and relevant to anyone. They had a amazing panel including, Sofi Madison, the owner of Olives and Grace and Krissy Price of Boston Pollen, a blog and floral company, and I was very impressed by the turnout and relevance of the topic. Not to mention their conference space has a very Instagram-worthy view of the city. Check them out here!


Green Hornet Connect

This website gives great events going on around the city that have a lot to do with business, entrepreneurship, and innovation. There are events from all different kinds of industries that are great for networking and learning about innovation in the city. When interviewing for jobs and internships, or just making conversation with your colleagues, it is always important to have knowledge of the new innovations and current events going on in your industry and city. You will be sure to learn about a new start up or product hitting the market at any of these events. Check out their website here!


One of the most important things to remember is to not be afraid to go to these events– they want people like us to utilize them! Half of the battle is just showing up. You never know the people you will meet, the inspiration you will get, or the skills you will learn to take on with you into your career.


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