An Unofficial Ranking of All the Original Netflix Christmas Movies

With Netflix producing new original shows and movies left and right, it’s no surprise that it has released its own line of holiday movies. If you’re a fan of Hallmark or Lifetime movies, then you’re in for a treat. These movies have just the right amount of sentiment and coziness to make them watchable, without sacrificing the cheesiness that makes these types of movies so much fun to enjoy. Here is a list of all of the Netflix original holiday movies, in order of worst to best.


6. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

The sequel of the beloved Netflix classic gave me so much hope, but it fell short of of my expectations. This movie loses points for taking the focus off of Christmas and the holiday spirit in favor of zeroing in on the chaos of planning a royal wedding. In this sequel, Amber is faced with all of the ups and downs that come with marrying a king, and facing the decision of whether or not she wants to be queen. A year after his coronation, King Richard faces political turmoil as he prepares for the wedding. If you’re a fan of the first movie you should at least give the sequel a try, but don’t expect too much from it.


5. Christmas Chronicles

If you’re not looking for a movie with romance or royalty, Christmas Chronicles is for you. Christmas Chronicles follows the story of two kids who hatch a plan to capture Santa on camera, which of course backfires and takes them on a journey to save Christmas. Although it’s a children’s movie, Christmas Chronicles is fun for all ages and stars Kurt Russell as an unconventional and snarky Santa Claus. Christopher Columbus, the same producer of Home Alone and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, produced this movie so you know it has to at least be worth a watch.


4. Christmas Inheritance

With hits like A Christmas Prince stealing the spotlight, Christmas Inheritance is a an underrated gem that often gets overlooked. It follows the story of a surprisingly likable heiress and party girl who must undergo a special task for her father before getting his money. The task seems simple enough; she only has to deliver a letter, but then she gets stranded at a small town inn when there’s a snowstorm. Here, she learns the value of hard work and the true meaning of Christmas. And of course, falls in love with with someone who isn’t her fiance.


3. The Holiday Calendar

The Holiday Calendar is a slightly different take on traditional holiday movies. Kat Graham stars as a struggling photographer who works taking photos of kids with Santa to make ends meet. Her grandfather gifts her an advent calendar that used to belong to her grandmother. Once she opens the calendar, she encounters a romantic surprise every day that somehow matches the theme of that day’s advent ornament. It’s a cute movie, but predictable and not quite as exciting as a royal scandal.


2. The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch is a fun and modern Prince and the Pauper with a Christmas twist. Not to mention, it starts Vanessa Hudgens! Somewhere in the Netflix universe is the country of Belgravia, where Chicago baker Stacey DeNovo enters a baking competition. Here she meets Lady Margaret Delacourt, who looks just like her. They decide to switch lives so Lady Margaret can get a taste of normal life before she gets married to her betrothed, but things get a little complicated when they start to fall in love. This movie gets bonus points for having two swoon-worthy leading men. I don’t know who stole my heart more, the caring single dad or the kind and charming prince.


1. A Christmas Prince

Of course, the one that started it all ranks #1 on the list. A Christmas Prince is a charming and fun watch with royal scandal, a journalist in disguise, and a beautiful winter wonderland. New Yorker Amber is tasked with traveling to the fictional country of Aldovia to find dirt on the soon-to-be king Prince Richard, who is rumored to be a playboy who doesn’t care about taking his royal responsibilities seriously. As Amber gets to know the prince and his sister, she learns there’s more about the royal family than meets the eye. All while this is happening, Richard’s cousin and ex-beau are trying to steal the throne from him. There’s a reason this one is an instant classic, and already has sequel.