Top 5 Things To Buy To Live A Greener Life

Plastic is used everywhere. From plastic bottles, to grocery bags, it can be found in a majority of the items we use everyday. However, while it might make our lives better, it is taking a toll on our planet. Here are some products that can help make our day a little bit greener.


1. Stainless steel water bottles

From S’well to Yeti, there is an infinite amount of water bottles that are available. With this array of options, you can sport you favorite color, favorite team or display your awesome stickers. Not only will you stay hydrated throughout the day, but you will also be saving 1,460 plastic bottles!

2. Eco Friendly straws

Did you know that most plastic straws aren’t recyclable! That means that the 500 million straws used in the U.S.  PER DAY, all end up in landfills. You probably also didn’t know that it takes 200 years for a straw to decompose! That means that when you are long gone, the plastic straws you used today will still be around. However, eco friendly straws can help lower the effects of straws on our planet. Whether its a paper straw or a steel one, the sea turtles will thank you for making this easy switch.

3. Reusable bags

With the plastic bag ban in Boston fast approaching (starts December 14, 2018), help out your planet and spend that extra few dollars and purchase that Trader Joe’s reusable bag. It will save you from having to spend 5 cents per plastic bag, and save the planet! Plus, with their durability you will never have to fear that your groceries will fall out while making the voyage home.

4. Reusable Ziploc Bags

These are actually a real thing! Reusable Ziploc bags look to replace the plastic bags that are typically used to store food for on the go. There is a huge market for these currently and a variety of styles, sizes, functionality and shapes. Most are also dishwasher safe, so cleaning them is a breeze!

5. Silicone Stretch Lids

These stretchy lids will allow you to never have to get tangled up in plastic wrap ever again! Plus, based on prior experience, plastic wrap doesn’t even work or provide an airtight seal. So basically it just sits on top of your food and then gets thrown away. However, these alternative silicone lids not only fit a huge variety of storage containers and dishware, they are also much more effective and fun to play with.