Top 5 Disney Original Movies you Need to Rewatch ASAP

Remember the good old days when you looked forward to Friday nights -not because you could go out and party- but because it was a Disney Channel Original Movie night? I don’t know about you but it’s been a few years since I’ve taken the time to watch a throwback and I’m long overdue! So if you’ve got the time, these are the top 5 Disney Channel Original Movies you should rewatch ASAP!


1. High School Musical

Released in 2006, High School Musical is one of the most successful DCOMs ever produced. The movie was so good, two sequels were made after the first, one of which even made it to theaters! What’s not to love about HSM? There's a little bit in the movie for everyone, especially since the message encourages you to explore multiple passions. Whether you’re into basketball, theatre, science or even baking, this is the movie to watch!

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2. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

It’s crazy to think that we live in the 21st century and it doesn’t look like we’ll be rocking the neon/silver outfits any time soon. We’re not exactly living in space either so that’s another let down, but perhaps by 2049 we will? Zenon takes you on quite the adventure and exhibits the true meaning of friendship between her and BFF, Nebula (Raven-Symone!). It’s heartwarming, comedic and all in all a great way to spend about an hour if you’ve got the time.

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3. Camp Rock

Let’s be honest, anything Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers is an instant hit. Demi makes her official debut in the music scene and gets a little spicy with Joe Jonas. She’s an actual goddess! But really, you should totally watch this movie. The songs are so catchy and just make you wish you could go back to summer camp and have a steamy romance too.

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4. The Cheetah Girls

I think my CD player and the soundtrack to these movie were best friends. The sounds are absolutely fantastic and the message is even better. The Cheetah Girls represent strong women with ambition and the importance of sisterhood. Ever wonder why they call themselves the Cheetah Girls? It’s because they’re the fastest and fiercest felines in the jungle! This movie puts the cheetah in Cheetahlicious!

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5. The Luck of the Irish

This movie takes on a bigger task than joking about leprechauns and magic. It actually manages to teach you something about the struggles Irish Immigrants faced during their early years in America. If Ryan Merriman, the put together basketball player and his adventures don’t draw you in, perhaps the spontaneous Irish river dancing will?  

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There are so many DCOM out there that are well worth the watch so once you finish with these, definitely go check some of the others out too! You won’t regret watching these blasts from the past!

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