Thanksgiving in 5 steps!

Thanksgiving, in my opinion, is one of the best holidays of the year! You get to eat endless amounts of food with the people you love the most. Take a look at Thanksgiving’s best gifs to get you ready for the holiday.

1. Make sure you unthaw the turkey! It won’t cook in time if you don’t, which means you can’t eat it. You don’t want to miss out on the best part!

2. It’s okay to play with your food, as long as your hands are clean! Well, your head in this case.

3. Allow your Mom to help you cook. She means well and only wants to help. It will make her feel 10 times better than how awkward you may feel.

4. Give yourself plenty of room for your stomach to grow five sizes. Get on your special eating pants. With that being said, take family pictures before you eat, that way you can get on your sweats for the main course!

5. Okay, okay you can start eating!

Good luck to you in trying to eat all of the food you can! Make sure to save a little room for dessert and family time!