Sustainable Skincare Tips

Recently, the topic of sustainability has been incredibly prevalent in our culture. Eco-friendly clothes, alternatives to mainly plastic products (such as straws and food containers), and shopping totes have been hot on the market, and sustainable skincare options have been making their way to the limelight as well. Today, I’m going to tell you the five changes to make to your skincare routine to make it more sustainable.


  1. Glass containers:

    It’s well known that plastic is one of the world’s main polluters, and most skincare and makeup products are unfortunately packaged with it. However, there are many brands that have committed to using glass containers to make their products more environmentally friendly.

  2. Turn off the water while washing your face

    This one is pretty straightforward, but turning off the water while you’re scrubbing your face is one of the best ways to reduce water waste.

  3. Stop using makeup wipes

    Instead, use micellar water or a cleanser! Makeup wipes are a huge source of waste, they’re used once and immediately thrown away.

  4. Use reusable cotton pads

    Instead of using cotton pads once and then throwing them away, order reusable cotton pads and use those! They’re also way softer and better on your skin. They’re laundry machine safe too! You can get them on Amazon or Etsy.

  5. Use refillable products

    Some brands let you send back the product container, which they will refill for you so as to reduce packaging waste. Examples of brands that do this are Kjaer Weis and MyMyro!


I hope these tips help you to make your routine more sustainable, so we can make this world a little greener everyday.