Sustainability Tips for College Students

Being a college student can be difficult when it comes to maintaining a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. So here are some easy ways to be more conscious when living on a college campus.


Energy saving computer settings

Look into your computer settings to see what you can change to save energy. This can mean making sure your screen turns black when you are not active on it or changing your settings to have your computer sleep after 10 minutes. Any little changes can make a difference!


Green school supplies

Think about investing in some green school supplies. Target always has a wide range of recycled notebooks and other eco-friendly options. Also, make sure to recycle any paper at the end of the semester and do not just throw out used notebooks.


Online flashcards

Instead of wasting countless paper flashcards when studying for exams, apply the same method of flashcards but on a digital platform. Sites like Quizlet are easy ways to run through terms before a test without wasting paper.


Have plants in your room

Adding some greenery in your room can make your space feel more alive and more connected to nature. Plants also have some great benefits, such as purifying the air and creating a calming environment. Especially if you live in a city setting, plants can make all the difference.


Reusable cups

One of the things that all college students should invest in is a reusable coffee cup and water bottle. Whenever you go to your local coffee shop, bring a reusable cup instead.


Use public transportation

Opt for buses, the subway, biking, etc. instead of utilizing a car when you are going off-campus. But, if you do need to use a ride sharing service, opt for carpool options instead.  

Transition to chemical-free

When buying beauty or cleaning products for your dorm room, switch to chemical-free products. These are going to better for the environment and also yourself. Some simple switches are dish soap, detergent, and deodorant.