Staying Motivated Though the Fall Semester

Getting back to school after a summer of fun can be fairly difficult, whether or not it's your first year at a new school or your sixth. It’s time to get down to business, but staying motivated to finish the first semester strong can sometimes be hard. Keep the following things in mind when you’re really struggling to finish that paper.


Recognize your problems

The first step in motivating yourself is to recognize the problems you struggle with. Do you procrastinate? Are you struggling with a specific subject? Whatever it is that stops you from doing your best, identify them and focus on how you can solve them. If you need help, seek it. If you need to manage your time, set a timer for yourself or put away your distractions. You are in charge of your life.


Surround yourself with supportive people

Find a solid group of people that will build you up, not drag you down. If you have a friend group that motivates you on a daily basis, you are on the road to success. It is essential that you make sure your social circle is non-toxic. Relationships are very important, so make yours something you can feel confident about!


Don’t make excuses

Although it may sound harsh, making excuses is a big reason why we don’t see results we want to see. If you make excuses for why you didn’t get something done, it’s because you didn’t target the real reason you were unmotivated to finish it. If you can identify the real and truthful reason you didn’t finish homework for the next day, or turned in a paper a little too late, you are going to get into a bad habit. Instead, identify what caused this mishap and find a way to fix that next time. You will find it will become easier and easier to accept it and move on to better yourself.


Stay positive!

Always keep this little saying in the back of your mind. Chant it, if you must. If you are dreading an assignment, remember the positive aspects of this assignment. “It is exciting to learn!” or “This will benefit me in the future.” Staying positive is one of the best mini-motivators you can remind yourself to do.


Finally, always remember your purpose.

A friend of mine told me once that “high school is the ‘have to’, college is the ‘want to’.” You are here for a reason, so keep that in mind, and you will feel motivated to make it to that final destination. Whether it is just getting your degree, or much more than that, focus on what is most important to you, take it and run! Your only limit is you.