Spring Cleaning Your Pores

First things first, I am not a dermatologist. But, I do have a love for indulging in face masks and skincare. I love to do face masks because they allow me to take a few minutes to relax and not do anything. I have some of my favorites, but for this week I wanted to try five new ones to see which ones I liked the most. So after a trip to one of the most magical places on earth (Target!), I emerged with a pile of new face masks to try this week.




On Monday night I tried the Peach Slices “Calm” mask. After a rough Monday, I wanted to start out with a nice mask that is supposed to “calm”. This mask has Jasmine and Chamomile and is a sheet mask. The sheet masks lays over your face, while the product is supposed to seep into your skin. I really did think this mask was calming. The ingredients did not irritate my skin which is always a plus.. I found out this this mask doesn’t have any sulfates or parabens included in it. Overall, this was a highlight for sure.


Rate: 9




On Tuesday, I tried the Yes To Coconut “Hydrate & Restore” Hydrating  Mask. Okay, I need to be honest, this mask made my skin burn. I had it on for about 5 minutes, before I urgently needed to take it off. Before purchasing all the masks for the week, I did not read any reviews because I wanted to experience each mask. However, going back and reading other reviews, I have noticed that other people have experienced a similar situation. That being said, everyone has a different skin type and what works for someone, might not work for someone else! Overall, the mask did not work for me, but it smelled very nice!


Rating : 2




I am such a big fan of face masks, however, I am not a fan of the waste they create and how they are a one use product. On Wednesday, I tried the L’oreal Pure Clay Mask - “Clear and Comfort.” This is a clay mask that you spread on your face, let dry and then wash off. It comes in a glass jar, and it is not a single use. I have used other L’oreal masks that come in similar packaging before. When I am all done with the product, I keep jewelry in the glass jar! I truly do love this mask. It is on the pricer side (around $8) but you get so many uses out of it! This mask is also paraben free, and it includes seaweed. It is supposed to “clear” and also calm skin. I enjoyed this mask because it doesn’t have a strong scent and it dried quickly.


Rating: 8



On Thursday I tried the Spa Life Deep Cleansing sheet mask. This was the mask that I was indifferent on. It’s main ingredient was lime. This made for a great scent, but it didn’t really do much for me. I think for me was I had trouble keeping the face mask on my face. This kind of became obnoxious because I would be sitting and I would start to feel the mask slowly droop down my face. Other than that, I liked the smell! Overall though, it was underwhelming.


Rating: 4



On Friday, I used the Masque Bar “Blue Glitter Peel Off Mask”. Peel off masks are always fun and super satisfying. This mask was bright royal blue and had specks of glitter. After applying, I waited about 15 minutes until it was dry, Then I peeled it off! This mask was advertised to be moisturizing and soothing. This was not the case for my skin. Infact, my face felt super dry once I peeled the mask off. It just didn’t work out for me, and that’s okay! I did love the color, super pretty!


Rating: 3


Final thoughts:


I think my biggest takeaway is that making time for yourself and having a check-in is important. It doesn’t need to involve using a face mask (even though they’re fun!), it could be anything that allows you to take a second to yourself. I think also is that when I use a face mask once a week, I don’t realize how much waste they create. I think moving forward, I’m going to stick to masks that I can either make myself, or last for more than one use.