Spring Break Stay-cation

Spring break is just around the corner and many people are looking forward to getting onto a flight and flying far far away from the cruel weather of New England. However, many will be spending their spring break at home or here, in Boston -- myself included. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fun filled break. Here are five activities that will guarantee a spring break well spent.


1. Day Trip

If you have access to a car or public transportation, you can still have a mini road trip to local attractions. Whether it’s driving to a beach and pretending it’s summer, or exploring neighboring towns and cities, just getting out of the house will be an accomplishment.

2. Catch up on sleep

Even though we are only a month into spring semester, many of us have already had several tests, assignments and projects that have left us stressed and sleep deprived. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some well needed ZZZZs.

3. Binge watch Netflix originals

After you have caught up on sleep, spend the rest of your break catching up on all the netflix originals you had to restrain yourself from watching during school. Some binge worthy shows include: MindHunter, The Staircase, Russian Doll, The Haunting of Hill House (if you haven’t already watched it), and Confession With A Killer: the Ted Bundy Tapes.


4. Spend time with friends

Just like you, your friends from home or school might also have unwillingly chosen to not travel either. So why don’t you spend the break together reminiscing about times when you could leave the house with just a jean jacket on.


5. Pick up a new hobby/skill

These next 5 days are a perfect opportunity to pick up a new skill that you can impress all of your friends when you come back. Whether it’s attempting to learn how to cook a complete meal (something I still am working on) or learning how to knit a sweater, you will come out of spring break feeling accomplished.