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Spring 2020 Trends To Spice Up Your Wardrobe 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

1. Slip Dresses

Though slip dresses may invoke nightgown images, such a romantic vibe can be transferred to the streets. It’s a dress that can be worn to both day and night events. Wear a knit sweater over it for a skirt illusion, perfect for a spring picnic. Put a long peacoat over it for a stunning date night reveal.  

2. Boyfriend Blazer 

Though it may not be work suitable for everyone, the boyfriend blazer can be a cute mix of casual and professional. Blazer has made appearances on the Balenciaga, Versace, and Michael Kors runway show in different ways. Some put bralettes underneath (another Spring trend). Some try a more edgy look with complimentary makeup. However, even outside of the office, an oversized boyfriend blazer can make a unique closet staple with your favorite paperbag shorts. 

3. Crochet 

This beach-vibes material isn’t just for knitting. Fendi and Jonathan Simkhai showed that crochet does not have to be strictly casual beach wear. Crochet can be transformed into a vacation-inspired formal look with gowns, and dresses. Crochet crop tops are also still incredibly popular (as seen by the bras as tops trend). This is a trend that has been in style for years and continuously keeps you cool as the weather turns harsh.  

4. Corsets

As seen in the Dion Lee, Jason Wu, and Christian Siriano runway shows, this Victorian-esque style is back. Unlike the fashionistas of the 19th century, there is no discomfort in these styles. Many shirts have corset properties giving various waist-conching effects without actually pulling your body in. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt underneath could make a unique casual look. Some on the runway were worn under blazers for a new business casual aesthetic.       

5. Puffed Shoulder 

Another older trend repopularized in the modern years. Puffed sleeves are incredibly versatile depending on the neckline and fabric. Scoop necklines, heart necklines, and v-necklines can all be worn with puffed sleeves. Get out a pair of jean shorts and pair it with a linen polka dot puffed sleeve top, perfect for spring. Take it to night time with a shiny or velvet material. The bigger the puff, the more dramatic the look. 

6. Ruffles (trim, adds volume)

Ruffles can either be discreet or dramatic. It’s your choice how you want to express this trend. Some dresses have them layered on top of each other. Some focus on the sleeves, some focus on trims. Any way you style this detail, it will add a flirty, volumized look to ramp up any outfit. 

7. Heeled Thong Sandals

Your heel mileage (as well as strap width) can vary from kitten, to 3 inch, to full on platform. Though they have popped up at runway shows such as Cynthia Rowley and Givenchy, not everyone seems to be on board with this trend. You either love them or hate them. Check them out to see if you should add a pair to your shoe rack. Pair them with a maxi dress for an earthy, bohemian vibe.  

8. Drawstring

Not only a runway trend but an instagram trend. A little white bow tied on drawstring shorts can be an ultimate spring/summer closet staple. Most of the time they are used for waist-cinching purposes on casual pants. However, drawstrings aren’t just popping up at the waist. Windbreaker and rain jackets (as seen on Stella McCartney) have this detail as well as dramatic dresses opt for drawstring instead of fringe. Stringed bikinis can also fit this trend.     

9. Chain Embellishments 

Chain link necklaces have been around but this spring, they are becoming more versatile in clothing choices. This season, the necklaces have become chunkier. Besides necklaces, there is the option to make them footwear and purse strap accessories (and they are an easy DIY activity as well).

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