Spread Your Fins out into Boston!

We are in Boston! Which is amazing, a city full of life and plenty to do, so as your weekends quickly approach and you're wondering what to put on your agenda that will be fun and memorable, look no further. Now, we are college students, which unfortunately for the majority, entails a limited supply of cash, so here are some things to take advantage of if you are a student looking to get out of your dorm this year.

The wonderful part of going to school in Boston is that there are so many colleges, it is essentially the college meca of the northeast, therefore, a ton of student activities all around with many companies that hold special events and discounts frequently. Here are some ideas to hopefully lace up those shoes and get you out the door.


College Night at the Museum of Science:

If any of you are science nerds like myself, this is amazing! Take a date or a group of friends and spend your Friday night looking at some breathtaking science. In fact, the Museum of Science in Boston is hosting College Night the 22nd of September, 2017. It is totally free with your college ID and for the low cost of 4 bucks you can enjoy some special events such as the Omni Theater, Planetarium and plenty more. Be sure to check it out because “Science Rules”!

Museum of Fine Arts:

This one is something that is always free to college students with their ID so make sure you go down to the MFA at some point and check out their ever changing exhibits. It features a ton of different types of art ranging from Contemporary to Ancient Egyptian. The MFA is definitely not a quick stop if you want a speedy activity, but if you are looking for something a lot smaller I recommend the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum:

The New England Aquarium:

ANIMALS! I know, they can be so gosh darn cute. Luckily for us, the aquarium is just a T ride away (depending). Go see some super cute penguins, stingrays, and a ton of other animals that could be found. Tickets at the booth are usually pricey, however if you get them through your Student Activities Center the price drops significantly. So if you're working super hard and need a pick me up only the silliness of a sea lion could provide, head on over!

Ice Skating:

Boston sure gets a little chilly, but it is the perfect temperature for ice skating. Whether you are a beginner or are about to race around the ice, it is so much fun. Be sure to check out the Frog Pond website to see when the ice opens up. Also, keep an eye out for college nights there as well when you can grab your pals from under their textbooks and hit the ice with free admission.

These are just a tip of the iceberg of the activities to do in the city, hope to see you guys there!

-Alexus Cruz

Diversity and Inclusion Officer