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Simmons is a small school. We all know that, and most of us love that! Even so, it can be difficult to keep yourself from comparing it to bigger schools. After taking hearing all about Greek Life and football games, sometimes it can feel like there aren’t as many fun opportunities on campus. Yes, we may be small, but let us tell you that we’re just as fun! There are so many exciting things happening on campus all year, and you can read about all of them below!


1. Take a photo with Stormy Shark

Story Shark is perhaps the nicest shark you will ever meet – and he’s a great hugger too! He usually makes his appearances at big events on campus, along with at Academic on the first day of classes every semester. At such a small campus, the opportunity to catch him isn’t rare. Snapping a cute shot with him every once in a while will really boost your Simmons pride (and not to mention, your Instagram likes too!) 

2. Meet students from the other COF Schools at the block party

The annual COF Block Party, held at Emmanuel College every fall, is a great way to kick off the school year! It gives you the opportunity to meet students from the other five Colleges of the Fenway (Emmanuel, Mass Art, Mass Pharm, Wentworth and Wheelock), and even better, you’ll get free food out of it too.

3. Attend movie nights on the quad (free popcorn included!)

One thing that’s unique to Simmons as a city school is that we have a beautiful, open quad on campus. It would a crime not to put good use to it while you’re here! Bring a blanket outside for free movies that are shown when the weather is nice.

4. Join a club on campus, we have so many!

Simmons may be small, but we’re definitely not short of fun organizations to sign up for. Just because the annual Connections Carnival has passed doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to get involved! Keep an eye out for all the cool events different clubs hold on campus, or better yet, keep an eye out for features on those clubs right here on HC Simmons!

5. Make a flower crown for May Day

Celebrate the start of beautiful summer with May Day! We al wear white, enjoy a delicious brunch at Bartol, and best of all: make flower crowns! Nothing will fulfill your DIY desires more. 

6. Attend the fall concert!

Simmons CAB (Campus Activities Board) hosts a fall concert every year (unfortunately, they will never top Jesse McCartney for a guest), and it’s one of the biggest highlights of the semester! Bonus: the tickets are usually only $5!

7. Stop by the SAC when a club is hosting an event

The SAC, Student Activities Center, is located in the tunnel between Lafavour Hall and MCB. Clubs and organizations on campus are always hosting fun activities there, such as DIY crafts or informational fairs! If you have few minutes to spare between classes, I suggest checking it out.

8. Stop by Beatley Library for Dog Therapy during finals week

Simmons hosts a slew of fun finals-week activities (breakfast-for-dinner at Bartol is also a biggie!), but Dog Therepy is definitely a favorite, and it totally works! Take a break from studying and go pet the sweetest pugs Boston has to offer. 

9. Attend Soiree

Soiree is undoubtedly the most anticipated event of the year. The formal is held every February, and always and the nicest venues. Don’t miss the chance to dress up in your favorite formal wear and spend a glamorous night out with your Simmons friends and maybe even a date – who knows, you may bet recreating your prom night for the better. 

10. Check out the Boston Bucket List for more great ideas on how to enjoy the city!


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Co-CC and Co-Founder of our HC chapter at Simmons U. Current senior and PR/Marketing Major. LA born and raised, but a bi-coastal girl in-training. Enthusiast of alpacas, sunscreen and overnight oats.
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